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Giants news, 9/27: Jackrabbit, Jabrill Peppers, more

Let’s get to your Friday headlines

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New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Bettcher not concerned about Jackrabbit

With Janoris Jenkins coming off an awful game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneer, defensive coordinator James Bettcher was asked about his level of concern regarding the veteran cornerback.

“Honestly, I don’t have concern, I don’t have concern about any of our players, as long as they are working the process. I think Jack is doing that, I think he is coming to practice, I saw it today, he’s diving to knock balls away, he’s competing, he’s working on fundamentals and techniques in individual, he’s all in on fixing what he needs to fix,” Bettcher said. “The truth is, he’s not the only one. On some of those snaps, his technique might not have been as good as he would want it to be, but there’s maybe a rusher or two that their technique wasn’t as good, either. We’re coaching all of those guys, not just one.”

Shula: Giants “spoiled” by Saquon

There are certain plays Saquon Barkley had made over the last season-plus that no other Giants — or NFL running back, for that matter — can make. The Giants, who will be without him for several weeks due to his high ankle sprain, know that. They also believe — they have to believe — they can play good offense without him.

“Those things [Barkley splash plays], you just have to look at them as bonus. You’re right, we’ve been spoiled over the last year, a little over a year, with Saquon,” said offensive coordinator Mike Shula. “We have other ways we feel like we can create chunk plays. They might not be 50-yard plays, but if we can get those chunk plays anywhere from, as a run, over 12 yards, we kind of look for those, (and) in the passing game over 18. Those are momentum changing plays and field position changing plays which put you in a positive situation. Not just as an offense but as a team.

“We’re not asking guys to go do anything more than what we’re teaching them. We do feel like we’ve got guys on the field that with the ball in their hands can be explosive. I think we saw some of that in the second half.”

Peppers trying to be patient

Jabrill Peppers has yet to make any real splash plays this season. He’s trying to remain patient and let them happen rather than force the issue.

“One of my problems [in the past] was trying to force, trying to do too much, instead of letting the game come to me and letting things happen for me naturally, instead of pressing the issue,” Peppers said. “I want to make those splash plays, but I’m not going to be pressed and try to do more than what I’m asked to do, because then I’m going to get out of position a lot and things like that. So, I’m just going to let them come to me.”

Alec Ogletree on his unfortunate injury

Giants linebacker Alec Ogletree injured his hamstring last week returning an apparent fumble on a play that ended up not counting.

“That’s pretty terrible. It definitely sucks to get hurt on a play… to get hurt, period. But when it doesn’t count for anything, it definitely stings a little bit more,” he said.

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