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FanPulse: Confidence in New York Giants plummets

Voters also weigh in on Pat Shurmur’s future

Buffalo Bills v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Fans are fickle, in case you hadn’t realized that.

When the season began, 73 percent of New York Giants fans participating in our FanPulse surveys felt confident in the direction of the franchise. Two disappointing losses later, that number has plummeted to 17 percent.

When the preseason began, 83 percent had expressed confidence. What caused a 10 percent drop in confidence during a 4-0 preseason is a mystery. The steep drop, though, shows the week to week nature of fandom.

For what it’s worth, this week’s poll was conducted before the Giants had announced the change from Eli Manning to Daniel Jones at quarterback.

Hot seat?

Is Pat Shurmur on the hot seat? My view, expressed earlier this week, is that the move to Jones might not put him there directly, but it does start the clock on judging his success or failure. Shurmur supported drafting Jones, has been a huge advocate and has now put the quarterback who’s success or failure will define his own coaching legacy in New York in the lineup.

The national question this week was “Which coach will be fired first this season?” Shurmur, with 20 percent of the vote, finished fourth behind Jay Gruden of the Washington Redskins, Doug Marrone of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Ron Rivera of the Carolina Panthers.