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Reactions to Giants’ benching of Eli Manning

What others are saying about about the move to Daniel Jones

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Here is some of the reaction from Tuesday’s decision by the New York Giants to bench veteran quarterback Eli Manning in favor of rookie Daniel Jones.

Former teammates

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Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre

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“In some respects I was not surprised. I think we all, including Eli, I mean he’s a smart guy, he knows first of all that longevity, really he’s played a long time and has played well so he has surpassed what most guys really play beyond. So I’m sure he’s extremely thankful for that. That being said, you know the end, at least for the Giants and Eli that is, is drawing nearer. Of course, when they draft someone as high as they did this year you know it’s really a matter of time. So I think Eli has seen this coming. Is it the way he wanted it to go down? Probably not. The one thing about Eli, he really doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve and I think that’s served him well throughout his career. Do I think he’ll land somewhere else? I really do, if he chooses. If it’s with a team that can protect him and has good weapons I think he can be a very important part of that team’s success. So it is what it is. It’s the way the game shakes out sometimes like it or not. I have a great deal of respect for Eli, Peyton and the entire Manning family and I think what Eli has done throughout his career needs to be commended greatly.”

“They drafted this kid (Daniel Jones). I know it’s still early in the season but it kinda tells me that, I mean, they still want to win obviously. … I think they feel the best time to play this young kid is now, and why wait? They drafted him. I think the best thing they can do from this point forward is grant whatever Eli, if he asks for anything, grant that to him. With all due respect let him go and let him play elsewhere whether it be within the division or outside.”

More reactions

Giants couldn't give Eli Manning a perfect ending

In an “ideal world,” it never would have come to this.

Not after two weeks.

Not after an offseason in which the New York Giants reiterated their commitment to Eli Manning, both in words and millions of dollars.

In John Mara’s dream scenario, the veteran quarterback who helped deliver two of the team’s four Super Bowls would prove that he still had far more good days ahead than bad, that Manning was still capable of being the leader his teammates could believe in, could lean on and rally behind.

But this is not a perfect world.

Manning is no longer the face of the franchise.

And now the Giants are on the hook for $17 million for only eight quarters of work.

Perspectives on the Giants' passing of the quarterback baton - Inside Giants Football

This is a bittersweet day for the Giants franchise and its fanbase because while it is not the ending anyone wanted to see for Manning, it also marks the beginning of a new era that’s filled with something that the Giants media and fan base hasn’t had for a while: hope for the future.