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“Angry” Janoris Jenkins vents after Giants’ loss to Bills

Jackrabbit doesn’t hide his feelings after another 0-2 start

New York Giants v Houston Texans
Janoris Jenkins
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Veteran cornerback Janoris Jenkins was not a happy camper on Sunday after the New York Giants lost 28-14 to the Buffalo Bills, falling to 0-2 on the season. Jenkins, with a crowd of reporters around him in his corner locker, vented his frustration post-game.

After Jenkins had prattled on for a while, he was told he sound angry.

“Oh yeah, I’m angry,” he said. “What is this, my third year starting off 0-2? I’m on year eight, baby. I’m trying to win something.”

What would Jenkins tell rookie cornerback DeAndre Baker, who had a second straight rough game?

“Just have to buckle up and play football. Football is going to be football, forget who they’re going at. We’re just trying to win and get a W in here.”

Did Jackrabbit see bright spots with Baker?

“There were some bright spots, but we don’t need bright spots. We need spots bright all day, every day. Everybody got to come to play football.”

Are his teammates perhaps not all coming to play?

“I don’t know, we got to check that when we come in on Monday. We’ll see what’s going on. Like I said, we just got to come out and play football.”

What’s his message to his teammates?

“You got to tighten up baby, this is the NFL, baby. You have people on the line, jobs on the line, families to feed. We can’t keep coming out here going 0-2; we can’t keep losing like that.”