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Cowboys DE Robert Quinn suspended 2 games

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Dallas will start their sixth straight season with a player suspended

Jacksonville Jaguars v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The NFL has announced that Dallas Cowboys defensive end Robert Quinn will be suspended for 2 games.

Quinn was only suspended for two games ashe tested positive for a masking agent, not for a performance enhancing drug.

However, he and his agent contend that his use of the compound was known to the NFL, as he has been taking it to control seizures. His agent has issued a lengthy statement criticizing the NFL for upholding the suspension.

Quinn's availability for the beginning of the season might already have been in jeopardy as he fractured his hand on practice earlier this week.

And while this would qualify as a break for the Giants, they have their own suspension to worry about. Wide receiver Golden Tate is waiting for the ruling of the NFL's independent arbitrator on his own appeal. The arbitrator has until Friday to rule on whether his four game suspension will be upheld.

While the Giants might miss Tate, they will likely count not playing against a starting pass rusher as a break to start the season.