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Giants practice report, 8/6: Giants prep for preseason opener

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Here’s what happened at training camp on Tuesday

NFL: AUG 03 Giants Training Camp Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The New York Giants play the New York Jets on Thursday in their preseason opener. They also face the Jets in the regular season this year, and it sounds like the Giants used Tuesday to get a bit of a jump on those preparations.

Usually, there is little to no game planning for the first preseason game. The Giants, though, held what coach Pat Shurmur called a “10-10-10” practice. As near as I can figure, “10-10-10” means 10 minutes of offense with the defense as only a scout team, 10 minutes of defense with the offense as a scout team and 10 minutes special teams work. The scout teams are used to give the opposing side a look they anticipate on game day.

“(It was) designed to give them some scheme that the Jets, what we anticipate they’re going to run. Obviously doing research on Adam (Gase) when he was at the Dolphins, and then Gregg Williams when he was in Cleveland,” Shurmur said. “That’s sort of how we try to plan for that.”

Shurmur, though, is more interested in seeing what his players do.

“This is more about the players and less about the scheme,” he said. “The guys that are playing in this game, we want to see them block, tackle, run, throw, catch, all of the things. It’s going to be less about matchups and more about execution from that standpoint.”

Who will and won’t play?

Shurmur really didn’t divulge any of that.

Asked if Eli Manning would play, he said “We’ll just leave it. We’ll let that all reveal itself.”

As for the rest of the roster?

“I’ll decide why and why they won’t. I don’t want to go (into it),” he said. “Like I said, I mentioned that there will be some guys that don’t play. I just have an idea of who I don’t want to see in this first game.”

From third to first

Giants-Jets is usually the third preseason game. That has been changed, partially because the teams do play in the regular season.

“I was involved in those conversations. I think it makes sense. We’re going to play the Jets in the regular season,” Shurmur said. “As I mentioned, this is more about the players and trying to decide who our best 53 are, than actually the scheme and the matchups and all that. We’ll get to that later when we play the Jets. But to play them first instead of third, I think it makes sense this year.”

Practice attendance

Fight? Not really

This is as close as we’ve come to any sort of nastiness.

This is teamwork

Now, C.J. Conrad and Wayne Gallman have figured out how to beat the rain.

Remaining Training Camp Schedule

  • Sunday, August 11 — 10:45 a.m. (Public)
  • Monday, August 12 — 10:45 a.m. (Public)
  • Tuesday, August 13 — 10:45 a.m. (Public)