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Giants’ Will Hernandez offers support to El Paso after mass shooting

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“That city is really important to me”

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Sunday’s mass shooting in El Paso, Tx. that has thus far left 22 people dead hit New York Giants guard Will Hernandez hard. No one in Hernandez’s family was injured, but Hernandez played his college football at the University of Texas El-Paso (UTEP) and maintains close ties to the community.

“Even though I’m here in New York, I quickly sent out prayers, my love out to the city. That city is really important to me,” Hernandez said on Monday. “I basically grew up there, I got there when I was 17 years old, left, and I was there for five or six years. It’s really, really important to me, I love all the people in El Paso. It gave me so much, it put me on the path that led me to the NFL. El Paso is very dear to my heart and I felt that even being here.”

The shooting, which occurred at a Wal-Mart, was called “something horrible” by Hernandez.

“Right now, all I can do is give my condolences, talk to the people. I know the people of El Paso, I know the character they have, they are strong people,” Hernandez said. “They are not the type to let something like that completely tear them down, they are strong people. I know they will rally, and they will get through this, they will get stronger from this.”

Hernandez cares about the impact on families, not the reasons for the shooting.

“This is just something, it doesn’t matter how or why they are doing this, it happened. The intentions, honestly, I couldn’t care less,” he said. “The thing I do care about is all those families that were affected, all the people that were affected by this. That’s what I really care about, how much people are hurting.”

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