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Preseason takeaways: 5 things we learned about the Giants

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Some Danny Dimes discussion, and a whole lot more

New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The preseason is over. What did we learn about the New York Giants? Here are five things.

Daniel Jones will be ready ... whenever

We’ve been over this many times, but the rookie quarterback from Duke has been everything the Giants could have hoped — and more — thus far.

When will he play? Will he play at all this season? What kind of player will he be if and when he does play? Those are questions that can’t yet be answered.

The one question we do know the answer to at this point, I believe, is whether or not the NFL is too big for a kid who didn’t play on a collegiate powerhouse. It’s not.

Jones has the mentality and physical tools to play quarterback in the NFL at a respectable level. How high is the ceiling? We’ll find out eventually.

For now, Giants fans should simply take comfort in the idea that Jones showed enough to make you think he might end up justifying that No. 6 overall pick the Giants used on him.

This team is kinda fun to watch

The wild celebration that ensued, with players joyously rushing the field, after Kyle Lauletta hit Alonzo Russell with a game-winning pass on the final play Thursday night, was fun to watch.

It was also a symbol of what this team seems to be becoming.

It is a fun group to watch. The Giants have shed a number of high-priced stars the last couple of seasons. They have a lot of solid veteran players. They have a lot of young guys who have yet to build their NFL resumes.

They have a group of players who grind, and who — as they showed with that celebration — are invested in the success of their teammates.

No one knows how the regular season will go, but this could be an enjoyable team to watch develop.

Julian Love is a safety

Love was drafted in the fourth round as a cornerback. Increasingly, though, he has been spending his time as the backup free safety to Antoine Bethea. I have to re-watch the game to be certain, but I think Love played exclusively at safety Thursday night. That could be his long-term home.

Lots of questions are unanswered

Who will back up Saquon Barkley? How many, and which, quarterbacks will the Giants keep? Who are the backup offensive lineman? Wide receivers? The backup linebackers? The talent seems to have been upgraded, and the Giants have a number of difficult choices to make.

Defense is still an unknown

Back in the spring, defensive coordinator James Bettcher talked about how the Giants had a number of players who had not yet built their NFL resumes.

Training camp and the preseason showed us that the Giants have a number of talented young defenders. Dexter Lawrence, Corey Ballentine, DeAndre Baker, Ryan Connelly, B.J. Hill, Lorenzo Carter and others are among them.

They have a lot of intriguing pieces. We still don’t know how it will all come together, and how much defensive scheme Bettcher did not show in the preseason.

Overall, I think the defensive signs were positive in the preseason. Let’s just see what that turns into when the games count.