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Giants at Patriots: 4 things to watch in preseason finale

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This one is really all about the fights for the final roster spots

Chicago Bears v New York Giants
Brittan Golden
Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Eli Manning won’t play. Most front-line New York Giants, in fact, will be sitting out Thursday night’s preseason finale vs. the New England Patriots. For many on the roster, trying to either start or extend NFL careers, Thursday is still an incredibly important night.

It is the last chance for players to showcase their talents before Saturday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline for trimming rosters to the regular-season limit of 53. Here are some of the things to watch tonight.

Daniel Jones

Of course. Jones has had a brilliant preseason. Can it continue when he starts Thursday night? Sooner or later he will hit a bump in the road and we will see warts. Will that be vs. the Patriots?

Whether that is the case or not, this is probably your last opportunity to see Jones play for a while. Enjoy it.

Snap counts

What will they tell us about who might, might not make the roster when cuts are announced over the next couple of days? Players who barely see field or make only late-game cameos should probably be prepared to begin looking for work soon.

Return game

If T.J. Jones and Brittan Golden are fighting for one roster spot, and they might be, value as a kickoff and punt returner might be a deciding factor.

Bubble battles

There are decisions to be made across the roster when it comes to who the backups will be. Quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, offensive line, linebacker, safety. Who will step up or fall back?