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Veterans on the Giants’ roster bubble as cutdown day approaches

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Some 2018 Giants won’t be 2019 Giants

Chicago Bears v New York Giants
Alex Tanney
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The Turk is coming to NFL locker room everywhere. After months of work for all, years of dreaming for others, and years of NFL production for several, players will be tapped on the shoulder and asked to bring their playbooks to a meeting with the head coach.

It isn’t fun for anyone.

“I think we’re all sort of real about what’s going on here. Every team has 90, and they’re going to get down to 53,” New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur said this week. “Each one of those conversations is as different as the player that you’re talking to, because they’re all at different stages of their career. Some of them are older players, some of them are younger players, and the reality of it is that a lot of these players are going to get an opportunity hopefully someplace else, or maybe back here when our roster changes as the season goes on.

“We’re just open and honest about everything. We all go into it knowing that we’re going to have to have some of those conversations.”

On Tuesday, we looked at some of the undrafted free agents who have a chance to make the roster. Today, let’s look at some of the returning players who sit precariously on the roster bubble as Saturday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline approaches.

Quarterback — Who many quarterbacks will the Giants keep? If it’s three, will the third be veteran Alex Tanney or second-year man and Dave Gettleman draft pick Kyle Lauletta? You can make arguments for and against each.

Running back — After missing a year on IR, Paul Perkins has been fighting an uphill battle to convince Shurmur and offensive coordinator Mike Shula he should crack the roster. Has he done enough?

Tight end — Is Scott Simonson sticking around, or will he lose a job to C.J. Conrad and Garrett Dickerson.

Offensive line — When OTAs began, Brian Mihalik lined up as the first-team left tackle and Chad Wheeler was the first-team right tackle Lately, the pair have been after thoughts as Chad Slade, Nick Gates and undrafted free agent Paul Adams have taken those reps.

Wide receiver — Could Russell Shepard lose a spot to someone like Alonzo Russell? Could the Giants find room for both?

CornerbackSam Beal and Antonio Hamilton are hurt. In Beal’s case, he has been hurt almost since training camp began. Can the Giants afford to keep one or both on the 53-man roster?

Linebacker — Is former starter B.J. Goodson in his final hours as a Giant? Probably.

Safety — Can the Giants find a spot for Sean Chandler, a second-year man from Temple?

Punter — Can incumbent Riley Dixon hold off Johnny Townsend?