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BBV mailbag: Covering tight ends, Elijhaa Penny’s role, more

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Let’s open the mail

It’s Saturday, which makes it time to open up the Big Blue View mailbag. So, let’s go.

Don Irion asks: Coach Pat Shurmur said: “I have said it all along that it’s going to take a village ... That crew of receivers are all very smart, they are very veteran in a lot of ways and I like them and trust them. Really, the crux of it all, I think they are a bunch of tough guys. They play a fancy position, but I think they are a bunch of tough guys. I think that wins the day, too.”

Much thought went into that comment, which reminds me of famous saying: “Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.”

Do you agree with Coach Shurmur? Are the “experts” who think the Giants will be 4 and 12 overlooking our village of tough guys?

Ed says: Well, I’m not one who thinks the Giants will be 4-12. I don’t think 12-4, either, Somewhere from 6-10 to 10-6 is where I land.

I think the wide receiver group is sort of representative of the way the Giants are building this team. Workmanlike is the word that comes to mind.

I don’t know how this season will turn out record-wise. It could go either way. Regardless, I like the long-term direction of the franchise.

Seth Friedman asks: When considering NYG might carry 4 TE’s in 2019 does it really make sense to also carry a FB? Elijah Perry strikes me as a similar player that teams consider carrying at the bottom of their roster. Unless he is a demon on special teams or as a receiver his inclusion on the final roster strikes me as redundant.

Ed says: Seth, first let’s get the name right. That’s Elijhaa Penny. I’m a big fan of the use of a real fullback, so I’d be fine with four tight ends and Penny on the roster. Penny is pretty good at what he does, and I don’t think any of the tight ends the Giants would carry can lead block out of the backfield the way he can.

Bruce Frazer asks: Once again, a tight end catches a long pass for a touchdown. This time Jabrill Peppers, the new and “improved” safety is the culprit. Tight ends have been torching the Giants for a number of years now. Have you seen any improvement over the summer in the Giants capability of covering the opponent’s tight end? Could it be that Jason Witten came out of retirement just so he could play against the Giants?!! Just teasing, but admittedly the Giants have had a real problem covering tight ends and so far not much luck solving it.

Ed says: I understand the frustration. I think the Giants “could” be better in this area, but they need to prove it. Peppers is in his third year in the league, and probably more likely to improve in this area than Landon Collins. He simply made a technique mistake the other night, getting caught kind of peeking into the backfield at the snap. Let’s see if Ryan Connelly can help here, as well.