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FanPulse: Giants’ fans feeling pretty good ... right now

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New York Giants fans are apparently feeling pretty good after one week of the 2019 preseason. Our latest ‘FanPulse’ survey shows that 83 percent of respondents are confident in the direction of the team after a preseason-opening 31-22 victory over the New York Jets in which rookie quarterback Daniel Jones was impressive.

That is a massive change from the post-draft survey that found only 46 percent of respondents feeling good about the team’s direction after the much-debated selection of Jones with the sixth overall pick.

Fan confidence in the team’s direction, per our FanPulse results, was at 57 percent at the end of a 5-11 2018 season.

Nationally, SB Nation asked ‘FanPulse’ participants which 2018 division winners would not repeat. The Baltimore Ravens were first with 27.37 percent of respondents believing the Ravens won’t repeat. The NFC East champion Dallas Cowboys were second at 26.52 percent.

You can see all of the SB Nation FanPulse survey results in our FanPulse Hub Page.

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