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Alex Tanney and Kyle Lauletta as trade chips? The Eagles have a need

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Could the Giants benefit from injury to Eagles’ backup Nate Sudfeld?

NFL: Preseason-New York Jets at New York Giants
Alex Tanney
Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Could the New York Giants reap the rewards of the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback woes?

Starter Carson Wentz hasn’t played a full season since his rookie year of 2016. Heroic backup Nick Foles in now the starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars. New No. 2 Nate Sudfeld is out for an estimated six weeks after breaking the wrist on his non-throwing hand. The Eagles are left with journeyman Cody Kessler and fifth-round pick Clayton Thorson as backups for Wentz.

In other words, the Eagles might need to go out and find another backup quarterback. The Giants might have what Philadelphia is looking for.

The idea of moving Alex Tanney or Kyle Lauletta, at least one of whom is almost certainly not making the Giants’ 53-man roster, to the Eagles in a trade was raised by Mark Schofield during Friday’s ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast.

Kessler went 3-of-6 for 12 yards and Thorson went 2-of-9 for 7 yards with an interception in Philly’s preseason opener vs. the Tennessee Titans.

Cody Kessler and Clayton Thorson didn’t look like answers and you’re going into the season with those two guys behind Carson Wentz coming off of an injury,” Schofield said. “That might not be a situation the Eagles will be comfortable with.

“Guys like Tanney or even Kyle Lauletta might be valuable a week, two weeks from now.”

The Giants, of course, have Eli Manning and Daniel Jones as their top two quarterbacks. Tanney and Jones are likely competing for one spot, if the Giants even choose to roster three quarterbacks.

Both the veteran Tanney and the small-school second-year quarterback Lauletta were solid Thursday against the New York Jets. Tanney went an impressive 14-of-19 for 190 yards, one touchdown and a 122.7 passer rating in extended action. Lauletta went 9-of-12 for 116 yards, one touchdown and a 132.6 passer rating.

“To see both of those guys, in particular Tanney, play effectively last night might be big for this franchise. One of those guys, maybe even both of those guys, can become valuable commodities here in a week as injuries start to mount,” Schofield said.

Here at Big Blue View, we receive a lot of questions regarding why the Giants have kept Tanney around. He’s a former undrafted free agent who has been bouncing from team to team (nine in all) since 2012 and has played in only one game, going 10-for-14 while playing a half for the Tennessee Titans in 2015.

Despite the lack of regular season opportunity, Tanney looks like a perfectly capable NFL backup quarterback when you see him in practice and preseason opportunities. Schofield sees the same thing.

“I certainly think he is (a competent backup.) I think you saw that again last (Thursday) night. The numbers were good, the production was good, the efficiency was good, the completion percentage was good,” Schofield said. “Look, he’s shown that sort of backup, spot starter type. He has that ability. He might become a valuable commodity here as we get, say, two weeks from now.”

Of Lauletta, the second-year quarterback who went 0-for-5 in his only regular-season action last year, Schofield said “He was effective, he was decisive” against the Jets.

“It’s not a bad problem to have when you’ve got four quarterbacks who end up showing at least in one preseason game a pretty good level of competence,” Schofield said.

Would the Eagles, or perhaps other teams in need of quarterback depth, come calling about the Giants’ apparent surplus?