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A thank you and goodbye

NFL: Preseason-New York Giants at New York Jets William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

My first memories of football came in Giants Stadium. My dad has been a season ticket holder since the days of the Yale Bowl. I was technically at a mid-December Giants-Cowboys game a few days before I was born. I was raised on the New York Giants and whether in East Rutherford, at home, or anywhere else, missing a game was rarely an option.

I emailed Ed just before the 2016 season and asked if he was in need of another writer. That’s where all this started. I had previously written for other places across the Internet. I was part of the wild west days of Bleacher Report and was writing for numberFire at the time. But I was looking for another outlet and knew there would be nothing more natural than writing about the Giants. My first post came on Sept. 16, 2016, and was a look at how the Giants’ secondary could potentially match up in the slot against the New Orleans Saints.

A lot has happened in the just under three years since that post. I became a bigger part of the Big Blue View staff. I got to cover training camp practices. I got to talk to Saquon Barkley about how he does what he does (I think my favorite post over that time or at least the one that stands out the most). We started a podcast!

All of this is a long intro to say this will be my final post at Big Blue View. You might have seen on Twitter or heard on the podcast, I’m joining Sharp Football Analysis where I’ll be an editor and writer for the 2019 season. None of this happened on my own, so a few quick notes:

To Ed: Thank you for responding to that cold email I sent three years ago. Thank you for running a wonderful site I read before I started writing for it and will continue to read after. I have long held the belief this is the best place for any type of Giants coverage on the Internet and I am so grateful I got to be a part of it. Thank you for allowing me to run with a lot of ideas, even when they were vastly different from anything done on the site previously, and letting me get super deep and super nerdy (probably too deep and too nerdy) on so many of my posts. Thank you for helping me grow as a writer in that time.

To Chris: Thank you for being an excellent podcast partner and running with a show that could go 17 different directions in an episode. Over the past year, there’s been no one I’ve talked football with more often and getting to do that has been a tremendous pleasure. I’m going to miss collaborating on those shows, article topics, and putting the big board together. Thank you for being someone to consistently bounce ideas off of and making those better.

To all BBV readers: Thank you so much for being a gracious community. Thank you for embracing me and allowing me to consistently write about things that included DVOA, Expected Points Added, and so many other numbers that I’m sure not many of you cared about otherwise. Thank you for entertaining those ideas. Overall, thank you for reading and supporting — not just me, but everything from Big Blue View. We’re so lucky we get to do all of this and it’s because you care about it so much. That’s so cool. Keep caring about and supporting the things you like (and maybe specifically click some BBV links and download some podcasts).

It’s certainly bittersweet writing this, but my overwhelming emotion is gratitude for everything this site — and everyone involved with it — has allowed me to do over the past three years. So for one final time, thank you and goodbye.