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Giants news, 6/4: Mandatory mini-camp begins Tuesday

Let’s check your Tuesday headlines

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NFL: New York Giants-OTA Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Mandatory mini-camp begins on Tuesday for the Giants. The three-day mini-camp runs through Thursday, with practices beginning at 10:10 a.m. ET each day. Stay tuned for updates both here and @bigblueview on Twitter.

Giants GM Dave Gettleman’s plan to building Giants clear to Justin Tuck | The advantage Daniel Jones has already -

The former Giants star sees the plan — even if every piece of getting there doesn’t thrill him.

“One thing the Giants have done very, very well in their past is building through the draft. You can tell that’s kind of been the focal point. If you look at history, the great teams in Giants past didn’t come from us making splashes in free agency. They came from having guys come in and learn the Giants way, and being there for 10-11 years. I thought that started again last year with Saquon (Barkley).” ...

“It doesn’t matter what draft pick it is — it could be the No. 1 overall or a free-agent pickup — I always give these guys 2-3 years before you know how a draft pans out,” Tuck said. “Trust me, I didn’t do a damn thing on the football field until my third year.”

Tuck also weighed in on why the Giants drafted Daniel Jones:

“I think if you listen Gettleman and everyone talk about why they drafted (Jones), it boils down to what we’ve had success with for the last 15 years,” Tuck said. “There is a guy there (Manning) that this kid reminds them of. If I’m in the same boat, I think I’m OK with it if he turns out like another Eli Manning.

”Now that’s high praise. Is it going to happen? Who knows? Nobody knows how it’s going to pan out. But what I like about it is he seems to be even-keeled and poised. And he is going to need that in this place. Can he play? I don’t know yet. We’ll find out. All the intangible things of what you want from a quarterback, it seems like he has it.”

Goodell: Four preseason games may not be necessary – ProFootballTalk

Sooner or later, the NFL will drop a couple of preseason games and expand to 18 regular-season games.

Cover 3: Keys to 2019 season

NFL 2019: Seven teams likely to make a change at quarterback, and when it will happen -

Yes, this predicts the Giants will be one of them.

How Giants support of Tom Coughlin’s Jay Fund gave 53 families ‘a day off’ from childhood cancer, made a dream come true -

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