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Revenge? At this point, Giants have little to get revenge for

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants TODAY NETWOR

It’s ‘Revenge Week’ for the SB Nation flagship, where both our main NFL site and the team sites like this one are looking at revenge games on their 2019 schedule as well as some of the best revenge games in team history.

Unfortunately for the New York Giants, they have been mostly bad for the last seven years. So, it’s pretty difficult to look at the 2019 schedule and see revenge games. Revenge for what? Revenge on themselves for being bad? So many of the key players on those teams are no longer Giants that that idea is pretty pointless.

Maybe GM Dave Gettleman can claim revenge against the doubters if the Giants happen to be good in 2019.

Maybe Eli Manning can claim revenge against his doubters if he plays well in 2019 and the Giants reach the playoffs.

Revenge games, though? Not for the Giants.

Maybe the games against the Washington Redskins are revenge games. For ex-Giants and current Redskins Landon Collins, Ereck Flowers and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. And for Dwayne Haskins, bypassed by the Giants in favor of Daniel Jones.

Maybe for the New England Patriots, who can exact a little more revenge for the two Super Bowl losses.

Maybe for the New York Jets, still looked at as the little brother to the Giants.

Maybe you have a favorite “revenge” game from somewhere back in Giants history. Drop it in the comments if you’ve got one.