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What could Syracuse DL Chris Slayton bring to the Giants’ defensive line?

The Giants love adding defensive tackles, so what did they get in Syracuse DT Chris Slayton?

Rhode Island v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The New York Giants have a solid record of drafting defensive tackles. Whether under Ernie Accorsi, Jerry Reese, or Dave Gettleman, the Giants have generally evaluated defensive tackles well and have had a definite “type.”

The Giants simply love big, strong, interior defensive lineman.

Those various adjectives absolutely apply to the Giants’ final draft pick, Syracuse defensive tackle Chris Slayton. A mainstay on the Orange’s defensive line, Slayton has been a starter since his freshman season, playing 43 games in the last four years. Considering how consistently solid the Giants have been when scouting the defensive tackle position, Slayton should be given the benefit of the doubt.

At the same time, he also isn’t widely known at the national level and it would be a good idea to take a closer look.



  • Strong defensive tackle.
  • Works to keep a low pad level.
  • Can be disruptive attacking a single gap.
  • Played 5, 3, 1, and 0 technique for Syracuse.


  • Hand usage is crude at best.
  • Struggles to get off blocks if his initial rush fails - lacks counter moves.
  • Can throttle down if he gets stuck on a block.
  • Strong, but not particularly explosive or agile.

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What They’re Saying

A starter since his freshman season, Slayton has been a mainstay in the middle of Syracuse’s defense and enjoyed a sound career. When projecting him to the next level, Slayton’s appeal stems from his functional strength and surges of burst off the ball. With that said, his lack of hand combating skills is restrictive to him clearing contact and he finds himself stuck regularly on blocks. Slayton has some upside as an early down defender in an even front but how dynamic he can become is directly tied to how his hand technique develops.

- Joe Marino (The Draft Network - Scouting Report)

What does Chris Slayton bring to the Giants?

The Giants aren’t really varying their skill sets much when it comes to their defensive line rotation. Dalvin Tomlinson, B.J. Hill, Dexter Lawrence, and Chris Slayton are all some variation on a big, strong defensive tackle.

In that way, Slayton doesn’t really bring anything to the Giants that they don’t already have. Like their other tackles, he is strong player who can be a handful for blockers in one-on-one situations, as well as having some upside as a penetrator in one-gap schemes.

While Slayton might not add anything they don’t already have, he could add to their rotation with his ability to play multiple spots in the Giants’ one-gap defense. Slayton will get a chance to show off his strength and impress the Giants during the preseason. If he impresses them, he could help improve their depth and keep the starters from being overworked.