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Giants had the inside scoop on George Asafo-Adjei

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Hal Hunter tells media his son works in Kentucky Athletic Department

Even when you have scouts all over the country hunting for draft-worthy talent, sometimes finding a hidden gem can come down to being fortunate enough to get a little inside information.

Here is New York Giants’ offensive line coach Hal Hunter on Wednesday telling the story of how the team found George Asafo-Adjei, the big right tackle the team selected in the seventh round (232nd overall) of the 2019 NFL Draft.

“My son works at Kentucky. He works in the football office down there. We found out from the inside out – he talked about what a quality guy he was. He was probably the most respected guy on the offensive side of the ball. He talked about how he competed with Josh Allen on a day-to-day basis. He talked about his character, work ethic and his toughness. All of those things peaked interest,” Hunter said.

“You watch him on tape and see that he has a lot of athleticism and power. He has a lot of toughness and plays in the best football conference in the country.”

Hunter said Asafo-Adjei will line up as the team’s No. 2 right tackle behind Chad Wheeler for the time being.

“We have some technical work to do. He is a rookie and you have to tell him to do something once and he goes on and does it right the next time. He picked up the offense much quicker than I thought he was going to,” Hunter said. “He has some developmental potential.”

The right tackle spot is really the only one on the offensive line that isn’t settled, and Hunter said “I don’t really know what’s going to transpire from here on out.”

He did say, though, that “ the best players are going to play.”

“Who are the best players? They are the players that play the best,” he added.

“Right now, Chad (Wheeler) is starting off at right tackle and it is up to him to hold that position. It is up to everyone else to beat him out. I have told everyone, it is my job to make you the best player you can possibly be and then it is my job to get him to beat you out. If you coach the guys technically and schematically, the ultimate thing that you want them to do is for them to be able to go out there themselves and be able to determine who is going to play. We all sit there and watch the same tape. Whoever the best player is should play.”