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Giants news, 5/7: Odell Beckham — Giants “just became not the right fit”

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Let’s check your Tuesday headlines

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The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion - Arrivals
Odell Beckham at the Met Gala.
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Odell Beckham Jr. on Wearing a Kilt to the Met Gala and Building a Dynasty in Cleveland | GQ

Beckham told GQ that the Giants “just became not the right fit.”

Beckham is in a good spot to try new things. “I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my life,” he says. A lot of that presumably has to do with the fact that this trip to New York is now an away game for him.

The star receiver endured persistent trade rumors when he was with the Giants, and says that around December of last year he started to feel “something in my gut…I just wasn’t very happy.” Beckham says he thought he was going to be traded two years ago—and that he really believed he’d be traded to the Browns last year. “It just became not the right fit,” he says of New York. He was finally traded this March, just eight months after signing a five-year, $90 million contract.

NFL draft: New York Giants' pick Daniel Jones will be judged harshly | USA Today

It doesn’t matter how earnestly David Gettleman defends the New York Giants’ selecting of Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick of the NFL draft. It matters not how many boxes Jones checks according to coach Pat Shurmur’s calculations.

The perception that the Giants reached persists. Entering the draft, many NFL talent evaluators regarded Jones as the fourth-best passer and a mid-first to early second-round pick. And because popular opinion tends to rule — particularly in the ultra-critical New York media market — the 21-year-old Jones finds himself in a seemingly impossible situation.

We don’t know what kind of timeline the Duke product’s development and ascension will follow. He could wind up playing this year. It could be next year. Gettleman on draft night allowed for a scenario in which Jones sits behind Eli Manning for three years like Aaron Rodgers did with Brett Favre.

Whenever he does take the field, Jones’ critics will grade him much harsher than they would have if New York hadn’t taken him sixth. Barring a Patrick Mahomes-like debut, Jones will find it hard to satisfy outward expectations. Solid won’t cut it. He must deliver at an elite level.

Unfortunately, this is probably right.

The Giants think they have their own Taysom Hill - New York Daily News

This is the common opinion when it comes to the Giants and former Syracuse quarterback Eric Dungey.

Four Teams Who Should Sign Ezekiel Ansah | The Big Lead

The Giants are in a similar situation to the Raiders; they had terrible sack numbers last year and seem to want to compete in 2019 despite all signs pointing to a prolonged rebuild. The biggest difference between the two is that the Giants devoted very little draft capital to shoring up their edge defenders. After a paltry 30 sacks as a team in 2018, the Giants needed a true impact player at the edge, and decided to pass on the many candidates from this year’s high-quality crop of pass rushers. With some money to spare, giving Ansah a few million to give the team some semblance of a pass rush might give hope to Giants fans that Dave Gettleman knows what he’s doing.

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