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Giants news, 5/6: All Daniel Jones all the time

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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Giants rookie QB Daniel Jones begins unfair task in impossible situation

Jones has unwittingly been thrown into an impossible situation — caught between an aging veteran not yet ready to hand over the reins of the franchise, an overconfident general manager determined to prove he’s the smartest man in the room and a fan base that didn’t want him. At least not at No. 6 overall.

Drafting a young quarterback was supposed to stabilize a franchise that has strayed from the gold standard of football operations and devolve into dysfunction and media obsession. But rather than lift the cloud of confusion surrounding the organization, GM Dave Gettleman’s decision to select Jones that high in the draft with so many other pressing needs sent the Tri-State area into a tizzy and raised even more questions about the Giants’ long-term plan, their handling of Manning’s final years and Gettleman’s aptitude for assessing QB talent. And the more Gettleman doubled down on his decision — touting his “full-bloom love” for Jones, which was cemented during the Senior Bowl — the more pressure he unwittingly placed on the shoulders of a signal-caller with 31 college starts. ...

He can’t just be a suitable successor.

He has to be elite. Just like Eli was for a time.

Mitch Trubisky’s advice to Daniel Jones: Block out everything – ProFootballTalk

Appearing recently on the #PFTPM podcast, Trubisky had some advice for Jones.

“Block out everyone on the outside,” Trubisky said. “Block out the media, Twitter, everybody who’s hating on your situation and trying to say that you don’t deserve it. When you get to the facility, it’s all about football.”

Giants' Asafo-Adjei battled with Josh Allen to help NFL prep

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