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Ex-Vikings’ GM Jeff Diamond — GM Dave Gettleman “doesn’t have to explain his draft picks to anybody except John Mara”

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Diamond tells ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast Giants’ GM has been “overly defensive”

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Former Minnesota Vikings GM and Tennessee Titans President Jeff Diamond has some advice for New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman. Just stop trying to explain why you picked Daniel Jones No. 6 in the draft.

“His overly defensive posture is not serving him well. It’s just sort of fanning the flames, so to speak with Giants fans and New York/New Jersey media,” Diamond said on the ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast.

“He doesn’t have to explain his draft picks to anybody except John Mara. He really just needs to go about his business now. All he needs to say to the fan base is ‘let it all play out.’ Let’s see what happens.”

Diamond said that “perhaps” the Giants could have used the 17th pick to get Jones, but he supported Gettleman’s decision to make the pick at No. 6.

“If you and your scouts have identified this player as the guy that is the person you want to be your franchise quarterback and if you have any trepidation that he’s not going to be there at 17 or if you would have traded up from 17 … then by all means take him at 6 and absorb the slings and arrows and hope for the best,” Diamond said.

“By all means, take the player. I’ve been there in that situation as a GM and the worst feeling in the world is that this is a guy you thought you had a good shot at, you could have taken, you didn’t and somebody else took him. That’s the worst situation to be in if he becomes a star.

“The flip side of that is he better become a star when you take him at 6 and you pass on a Josh Allen who could have been, maybe, a 20-sack player someday. An impact player as an edge rusher and lots of other good defensive players at that point.”

Diamond also added this:

“The best thing is just go ahead, stop talking about, stop defending the pick. You’re not serving yourself or the organization well in that way. Just go about your business and see what happens.

“What’s done is done. Let’s give this time to play out. From Gettleman’s standpoint, he doesn’t need to talk about it because it just really fuels the fire.”

Diamond also opined that the Giants’ handling of Odell Beckham Jr. was “kind of absurd” even though he felt they got a good return from the Cleveland Browns.

“I had been in favor of trading Beckham before signing him to the big deal because I thought it would blow up in their face if they did a big deal with him because I thought he’s a diva and he’s going to be wanting to be star off the field and be unfocused and having all kinds of issues. I thought it was a mistake to give him that big contract in the first place,” Diamond said.

“Once you gave it to him then you gotta suck it up and live with the guy instead of dumping him, even if you’re getting a bunch of draft picks. You trade him away -- I thought that was kind of absurd, and then take that dead money hit.”

Give the full show a listen below.

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