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Daniel Jones begins his Giants’ career sounding a lot like the guy he will eventually replace

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Jones speaks of “awesome opportunity” to learn from Eli Manning

Daniel Jones meets the media.
Emory Hunt [Football Gameplan]

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Eli Manning 2.0. That is what so many, perhaps even New York Giants decision-makers themselves, see when they look at Daniel Jones, the quarterback the Giants selected No. 6 overall to be Manning’s heir apparent.

Jones began his Giants career on Friday by sounding a lot like Manning during his first tussle with the New York media throng. He was calm, even-keeled, comfortable with the cameras trained on him. And he gave effusive praise to Manning.

The rookie said he spoke to Manning via phone on Friday, the day after the Giants selected him. He said it was “awesome” to have someone like Manning to learn from.

“I’m looking forward to spending time with him and learning from him,” Jones said after a walk-thru with other Giants’ rookies. “This is a huge opportunity to be around a guy like that.”

The biggest thing he can learn from the two-time Super Bowl winner the Giants hope he will replace?

“I think a lot of it is in his routine,” Jones said. “Anyone who has played that long and had that much success certainly has a routine, and there’s a reason he’s had that success. To me, I think it’s just watching him every day and learning from what he does every day. How he carries himself, how he prepares. To be able to watch that is an awesome opportunity.”

Jones said playing for the Giants was “the place I wanted to be.” He aded that “getting comfortable” is the primary goal for him during the rookie mini-camp.

Jones on the mixed reaction to his selection by the Giants.

“It would be hard to be completely unaware of a lot of that stuff the way it works nowadays, but there’s a lot to focus on, a lot to learn for me right now,” Jones said. “Being here, learning the offense. I’m not sure I can afford to really focus on that too much.”

Jones fielded some leading questions about maintaining a good relationship with a quarterback he was brought in to eventually put out of work.

“We both want the same thing,” Jones said. “We want the Giants to win football games. ... However that happens, whatever the plan is, I’m here to do that.

“I understand my role is to learn from him and I’ll certainly be focused on improving myself.”

Jones said he will have plenty to occupy his time even if he isn’t playing.

“It’s not like I’m just sitting and watching. There’s a lot to do,” Jones said. “It’s an active process in learning the playbook and understanding what it is to be a New York Giant. I think I’m patient, I’m looking forward to it, there’s a lot of work to do.”

Jones and his rookie teammates go through a full practice for the first time on Friday afternoon.