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Giants news, 5/28: Giants back to work as OTAs continue

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Since we know you don’t really want to work this morning, let’s check the headlines

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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Tuesday is a back to work day for many of you. Including the Giants, who are back to OTAs. Today is a media access day, so be sure to check back this afternoon for reports from the workout.

Now, for some headlines.

NFL offseason agendas - Barnwell's to-do lists for all 16 NFC teams | ESPN

Barnwell wants to see the Giants figure out an orderly succession plan for Daniel Jones. I do, as well, but that isn’t a black and white situation. You have to see how the season unfolds first. He also wants to see the Giants look for more edge rushing help.

Meet Giants draft pick who could steal starting job if he keeps making James Bettcher break rules |

All aboard the Ryan Connelly train.

Lions' Damon Harrison snaps at Giants fans, others

Here’s my question — why are Giants fans still tweeting at ‘Snacks’? He’s gone. He’s not a Giant. Move on.

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