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NFC East Roundup: Pay the man?

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Here’s the need-to-know news around the NFC East this week.

Divisional Round - Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams
Dak Prescott: Franchise quarterback worth $30 million per season? Discuss.
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The question is simple, yet complex.

And the decision will shape the future of the Dallas Cowboys.

Should they pay or should they not pay Dak Prescott?

For Charles McDonald of Blogging the Boys, the answer is simple.

Pay the man, he writes.

McDonald’s argument?

Prescott was a rare find: A legit franchise quarterback plucked in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL draft, whether the stats indicate it or not.

Owner Jerry Jones seems committed, saying he sees “real upside” in the fourth-year quarterback.

OK, Prescott did post a 96.9 QB rating last season, throwing for 3,885 yards and 22 TDs to eight interceptions. The Cowboys did win the division and reach the divisional round of the playoffs, where they lost to the eventual NFC champion L.A. Rams.

But are they $30 million-per-year-kind-of-committed? That is apparently what it’s going to take, according to reports coming out of Dallas. $30 million to $32 million per annum.

Negotiations have been progressing, Dave Halprin writes.

That’s aaaaaa lot of upside, even if he doesn’t turn 26 until this summer.

Eli Manning suddenly seems like not so bad an investment, no?

The Cowboys will have to decide soon. Prescott is in the final year of his rookie deal, and if they’re not interested, well, someone else will be.

I mean, Geno Smith somehow is still in the league. (Right?)

Here are some of the other big stories around the NFC East this week, so crack an adult beverage, give the burgers a flip and read this Memorial Day weekend:

Dallas Cowboys

Robert Quinn may not be the same player who registered 19 sacks in 2013.

But the former Ram and Dolphin still brings value. Halprin explains the defensive end remains a solid contributor who will pose a formidable presence opposite DeMarcus Lawrence.

The Cowboys are also getting a positive locker room figure and dependable veteran. And that certainly is an upgrade over the suspended Randy Gregory.

Quinn cost Dallas only a 2020 sixth-round draft pick.

Meanwhile, Prescott may not be the only Cowboy cashing in this summer.

Ezekiel Elliott will get paid soon too, RJ Ochoa reports.

The running back has run afoul of the league office a few times, sure. But he’s also led the NFL in rushing in two of his three seasons.

And Jones thinks the league will not take any disciplinary action against Elliott, despite a recent incident involving security guards at a Las Vegas music festival.

Ah, to be young and a Cowboy about to cash in.

Philadelphia Eagles

In the “It’s time to do right by…” edition of the NFC East notebook, we move on to The City of Brotherly Love and Malcolm Jenkins.

Bleeding Green Nation’s Brandon Lee Gowton writes the veteran is vastly underpaid.

Jenkins is the NFL’s ninth-best paid safety in annual value at $8.75 million. The final two years of his contract call for base salaries of $8.1 million and $7.6 million, neither of which is guaranteed.

Not surpringly, Jenkins will not be attending OTAs, thank you.

Gowton says pay the man. In fact, he writes: “The Eagles MUST pay him.”

Meanwhile, Chris Long is no longer an Eagle or an active NFL player. But he’s still blowing smoke, as Alexis Chassen tells us. It comes in the same week that the NFL announced it’s studying the pain management benefits of cannabis.

In good news for Iggles fans, Carson Wentz has no limitations during OTAs (at least not until he gets hurt again).

Washington Redskins

Reuben Foster was a Redskin for all of three snaps in OTAs.

Then, down he goes.

Out comes the cart.

A torn ACL.

So nothing has changed in DC, I see.

The Redskins signed former second-round pick Jon Bostic to take his place, Hogs Haven’s Scott Jennings informs us.

Speaking of which, James Faris asks if Case Keenum can exceed expectations and be better than a backup quarterback.

Thanks for asking, James. But no, he cannot.

So I guess it’s Dwayne Haskins’ team now. Bill-in-Bangkok is excited.

And Alex Smith is throwing, even if he’s nowhere near ready to return to the field.

But at least Smith, Keenum and Haskins don’t look like identical twins, as Manning and Giants’ first-round pick Daniel Jones do.

So there’s that.