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Post NFL Draft Power Rankings: Giants in bottom third

There was not much of jump after the draft

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft analysts have grilled the Giants for their questionable draft strategy. Now that the dust has settled from last weekend, NFL writers and analysts took the time to reassess the quality of all 32 teams and how they compare competitively.

The consensus for the New York Giants is that they are wallowing in the bottom third of the league. Here is how the experts think the Giants stack up:

NFL Power Rankings: New Orleans Saints on top after 2019 draft |

Rank: 27th

It’s one thing to inject premier talent into a roster; it’s entirely different to drop three first-round picks on your roster in a single night. Let’s put the Daniel Jones/ Eli Manning quarterback docudrama to the side for a moment, as I don’t think the selection of Jones at No. 6 overall will actually impact this season all that much right now. New York’s defense allowed a river of points to flow to the other teams on the schedule last year. Well, it looks like they dammed it up this year. Doubtful the Giants give up 412 again with the additions of DT Dexter Lawrence (No. 17 overall) and CB Deandre Baker (No. 30 overall). Some in the Twitter gallery might not have liked GM Dave Gettleman moving up to get Baker. OK, but what good is owning draft capital if you aren’t gonna use it? Still better than the Redskins, for now.

NFL post-draft power rankings: Colts, Eagles among teams on rise | USA Today

Rank: 30th

Maybe they’re able to channel all of this post-draft angst into motivational fuel. Or, maybe, this isn’t a very good football team.

NFL Power Rankings: Where Does Every Team Stand After the 2019 NFL Draft? | Bleacher Report

Rank: 30th

If anyone out there understands what the New York Giants are doing this offseason, do the rest of us a favor and clue us in.

There has essentially been one move the Giants have made that made some sense: flipping edge-rusher Olivier Vernon to Cleveland for guard Kevin Zeitler. Even that badly needed help on the O-line came at a high price.

Outside of that? The Giants sold arguably the NFL’s best receiver in the NFL in Odell Beckham Jr. for 40 cents on the dollar and then used the 17th overall pick obtained in that deal to draft a nose tackle. With the sixth overall pick, New York took a quarterback (Daniel Jones of Duke) who probably would have been there at 17. It was a pick one AFC executive called “inexcusable” while speaking with B/R’s Mike Freeman.

The 2018 season was a 5-11 disaster for the Giants. But if the months that have passed since are any indication, the worst is yet to come.