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Giants news, 5/15: What are the chances Giants end up on ‘Hard Knocks’?

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Let’s check your Wednesday headlines

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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Hard Knocks,’ anyone?

The Giants are one of four teams the NFL could compel to be this summer’s subject of the HBO series.

Ranking the four eligible 'Hard Knocks' teams by who would be best for the 2019 edition -

2. Giants

OH YES. Dave Gettleman front and center with an Eli Manning/Daniel Jones situation. Saquon Barkley is an entertaining star. This is a sneaky boring team though, despite all the frequent drama surrounding the roster changes.

'Hard Knocks': Ranking NFL's four likeliest options for series in 2019

3. New York Giants: Yes, they just drafted QB Daniel Jones in the first round, but he seems very unlikely to unseat Eli Manning in training camp, and neither is going to be confused for a quote machine. Manning’s penchant for pranks is nice but would only fill so much airtime. Saquon Barkley may be the NFL’s next great back, but he’s also not one to stir the drink. The guys who are gone — Odell Beckham and Landon Collins — offer the most compelling narrative, but you know how much players just love to expound on former teammates. And transparency isn’t GM Dave Gettleman’s forte, so hard to envision him as a value-added presence.

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