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Mother’s Day open thread

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New York Giants v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Good morning and happy Mother’s Day, New York Giants fans!

Unless something happens that forces us back in front of the laptop, today is a family day here at Big Blue View. We hope it’s one for you, too. Thus, an open thread for the day. Talk about whatever you like, as long you keep it to sports.

A few Giants topics:

  • Are you happy with the offensive line rebuild?
  • Have the Giants done a good job re-constructing their defense?
  • Will Daniel Jones be starting at quarterback for the Giants by the end of the season.

A few others:

  • Will Kyrie and Kevin be Knicks?
  • Who will win the PGA Championship at Bethpage?
  • How much fun has it been to watch a Yankees team without its stars keep on winning with unlikely guys taking starring roles. Yes, I see you Gio Urshela.