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Giants’ 90-man roster: George Asafo-Adjei starting out as No. 2 at right tackle

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Can he be more than that?

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

We have already spent a lot of time learning about George Asafo-Adjei, the big right tackle prospect the New York Giants drafted in the seventh round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

We know that those who have gotten to know him think he is a “great human being.” We know that film study reveals a player with ability, but also one with apparent flaws — as would be expected for a player who fell to Round 7.

The basics

Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 315
Position: OT
Experience: 0

How he got here

I recently wrote about Asafo-Adjei’s journey. I will just summarize by saying this is a kid from a difficult background who came through it, is called a “great human being” by Kentucky offensive line coach John Schlarman and has given himself an opportunity to make it in the NFL. Chris has studied the tape. Giants’ offensive line coach Hal Hunter told us that his son works in the Kentucky Athletic Department and clued the team in to Asafo-Adjei.

One subject we really haven’t touched on much here at Big Blue View is Asafo-Adjei’s daily practice work at Kentucky against outside linebacker Josh Allen, who was select seventh overall in the draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“It wasn’t one-sided, I can promise you that,” said Kentucky offensive line coach John Schlarman. “George won his share of the battles, for sure. I think he, in turn, helped Josh get better.

“It was a back and forth deal. It wasn’t a one-sided deal where Josh went out and dealt it to George every single day. It was very competitive.”

Asafo-Adjei said this of working against Allen:

“Going against someone like him every day definitely helps you with this transition to the NFL. It was good for me. We helped prepare each other for the next level.”

2019 outlook

Head coach Pat Shurmur was clear during rookie mini-camp that the Giants will give Asafo-Adjei a chance as a right tackle.

“We like him for all the reasons we liked him on his college tape,” Shurmur said. “He is a powerful guy that has very good length. You can tell he is a very physical style player. That is important at that position.”

Hunter said Asafo-Adjei will begin OTAs as the second-team right tackle behind Chad Wheeler.

“You watch him on tape and see that he has a lot of athleticism and power. He has a lot of toughness and plays in the best football conference in the country,” Hunter said. “We have some technical work to do. He is a rookie and you have to tell him to do something once and he goes on and does it right the next time. He picked up the offense much quicker than I thought he was going to,” Hunter said. “He has some developmental potential.”

Whether that potential can eventually take him to a role on the Giants’ offensive line is something we begin to find out in a few weeks.