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BBV mailbag, part 2: Let’s finish getting through the mail

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Draft, futures of Janoris Jenkins and Kyle Lauletta among questions

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Let’s complete our look at the overflowing Big Blue View mailbag with Part 2 of our weekend Q&A. Keep those questions coming, New York Giants fans!

Daniel Murphy asks: Is there such a thing as too many picks in a single draft? With 12 picks is that too many for one draft class, and if so what moves to package some of this year’s picks to move up or get picks next year are typical/reasonable to expect?

Ed says: Daniel, I suppose if you had, oh, 20 picks that would be too many. I don’t think 12 is too many. I think the issue for the Giants is that eight of those picks come on Day 3. I doubt eight Day 3 players are making the roster, though it’s possible. The opportunity there is to use some of those Day 3 picks to move up. There is a long gap from the Giants’ second-round pick (37) to their third-round pick (95). I think you will see the Giants use those late-round assets to move around and target a couple of players they really like.

Marcus Mewborn asks: This seems to be the most draft capital the Giants have had in years. Which puts more pressure on this team although you don’t fix all the holes in this draft. How would you rank needs at positions going into the draft from 1-5 ? 1 being the biggest need and 5 being lowest or not as important.

Ed says: Marcus, I think the biggest overall need is to accumulate as many talented defensive players as possible — regardless of position. Pass rusher, right tackle, receiver, cornerback, quarterback might be my top five. Throw in safety and linebacker, too.

Dan Albro asks: I have a question about Russell Wilson. He says if Seattle doesn’t make him the highest paid QB by April 15th he will not negotiate during the season and will play out his contract. They go on to say the only way Seattle could keep him is to franchise him. My question, if he has played out his contract, how in the world could they franchise him?

Ed says: Dan, you are forgetting how free agency works. Think about Landon Collins. The Giants could have franchised him this offseason — after he had played out his rookie contract — to keep him from reaching free agency. They chose not to. Same with Wilson and Seattle. The franchise tag is used to keep a player from entering the open market once his current contract expires.

Bruno Fortino asks: It seems like the Giants are trying to flip their roster and the KC Chiefs could use a CB. Do you think the Chiefs and Spags would have any intrest in trading for Janoris Jenkins? KC has a couple of RTs. How about packaging Jackrabbit and BJ Goodson and trying to get RT Cameron Erving or Mitchell Schwartz or a 3rd round pick in return? Haskins or a edge rusher should be the pick at #6, but there should also be a DB available worth the #17 pick that could replace Jenkins. If the Gmen could unload Jenkins contract would it leave them enough money to pursue ILB Zach Brown in free agency?

Ed says: Bruno, it’s certainly possible that the Giants will look to move Janoris Jenkins. He’s the last high-priced free agent left from the Jerry Reese era. The Chiefs aren’t giving up a starting offensive lineman and creating a hole on their own roster, though. I don’t have any idea if Zach Brown would be a target for the Giants. He is a good player, but I don’t know if the Giants would want him to replace B.J. Goodson or Alec Ogletree.

Kaleb Wiktorko asks: From the offense to the defense to the special teams I am more worried about our secondary play. Sam Beal no one knows anything about minus he was a 3rd round pick in the supplemental draft. Janoris Jenkins best years are behind him. I feel like the hole on the defense is the secondary, yes I know they need a lot of help everywhere. But do you think the 2nd round they may snag a corner to play the slot? I don’t think any of this corners coming into the leagues this year are Round 1 talents. Do you think they go out and get another aging veteran? And if so who? Bold predictions do you think they try to move Jackrabbit in the draft?

Ed says: Kaleb, there are some who would agree that the secondary should be a bigger priority than the pass rush. There is a theory floating around that the way the Giants have historically built a defense, pass rush first, is changing. Some think you load up on coverage guys and versatile players who can do multiple things, then just scheme pass rush. I don’t know where I stand on that, to be honest.

I do think the Giants need to add help at cornerback, and most draft analysts do think there are a handful of guys worthy of consideration at 17 and 37. It won’t be a shock to me if the Giants take a corner in one of those spots.

Jeff McGrath asks: Is Shurmur/Gettleman view on Lauletta that he is already over after 5 passes? If Jones is being considered at 17 or R2, he sounds a lot like Lauletta: not strong arm, strong decision making, good fit for Shurmur offense. Why bother with a similar player rather draft someone later to compete with Lauletta as developmental prospect like Grier, Stidham, Minshew? If none work out swing for fences next year? (Though frankly I think you take Haskins if he is there at 6 and move on)

Ed says: Jeff, I wouldn’t say the view is that Kyle Lauletta is “over.” And I wouldn’t say his standing has anything to do with those five passes. I have written this before, but it has a lot more to do with Lauletta’s arrest last season. Gettleman went out of his way to talk about distractions at the Combine, specifically mentioning how a GM can’t go to bed at night wondering if his quarterback was going to show up to work on time the next day.

I can pretty much guarantee that was directed at Lauletta. I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m guessing this wasn’t the only time Lauletta was late for work. That’s a bad thing for a rookie quarterback, especially one from a small school who was drafted in the fourth round and is trying to prove he belongs. If you’re not early, you’re late. And if you’re actually late, you’re telling the organization something about how bad you really want to be their quarterback.

Chris and Fiona ask: Given your many years covering the Giants, you must have your favorite players. But from a different angle, who are your favorites that were always approachable, funny, had great stories, or brutally honest and outspoken.

Ed says: “Many years covering the Giants.” Ouch, man, you guys are making me feel old. Then again, I am old by blogger standards. Not a whole lot of 58-year-olds in this business. Honestly, I haven’t gotten to know most of the guys as much or as well as I would like to. I’m 2.5 hours from the facility and I’m not there as often as the folks who live nearby and can be there every day or have the ability to travel to road games and other league-sponsored events.

That said, I do have a few favorites from recent years. Punter Steve Weatherford was great to me when he was a player. Funny, available, helpful. Always enjoyed Donte Deayon because he always had a smile on his face. John Greco is a standup guy and a pleasure to talk to. Really liked former Giants D.J. Fluker, Jamon Brown and Justin Pugh as people. On the current team, I could sit and shoot the breeze with Michael Thomas all day long. Great guy. Always willing to help if you need a comment about something.

Always wished I could have gotten to know Tom Coughlin on a personal level. To be honest, I feel the same way about Gettleman and Shurmur. Forgetting football, I think they are good people. It would be great to know more about them away from the game.

John M. Scott asks: Assume DG goes defense at 6, and the top QBs are off the board by 17. What are your thoughts on D.K. Metcalf to replace OBJ as a true No. 1 WR? Would it be careless to use another 1st round pick on a “playmaker” instead of building up the lines?

Ed says: John, I’m not sure it would be “careless” to go with a receiver at 17. I’m just not sure it would be smart. I’m also not sure Metcalf is the right guy. He scares me, to be honest. Yes, he looks like Adonis and has all the great testing numbers. But, can he run good routes? Can he get open? Does he have the flexibility to adjust to a football that isn’t perfectly thrown? I don’t know. His spider chart is weird-looking thing. I wouldn’t take him at 17.

If it’s me, I’m waiting until at least Day 2 and looking to capitalize on the wide receiver depth in this class.