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Is idea Giants are “not in love with Josh Rosen” correct?

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ESPN’s Jordan Ranaan says he doesn’t believe Giants will offer more than a third-round pick for the Arizona quarterback. Is he right? Is Washington now the front-runner for Rosen? Let’s discuss.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals
Josh Rosen
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“The Giants are not in love with Josh Rosen. Fact.”

That was ESPN’s Jordan Ranaan on his “Breaking Big Blue” podcast recently. Ranaan went on to say that you could “forget about it” if the Arizona Cardinals’ asking price for Rosen was the Giants’ 17th overall pick and that the Giants probably wouldn’t give up their second-round pick (37th overall) for Rosen, either.

What do I agree with and what, if anything, do I not agree with from Ranaan’s commentary?

I think it’s easy to make the case that the Giants don’t “love” Rosen. They, of course, passed on the opportunity to draft him a year ago. Maybe they would have taken Rosen or Sam Darnold a year ago if GM Dave Gettleman hadn’t been ga-ga for Saquon Barkley. We will never know.

Do the Giants like Rosen better than their options in this draft class? Do they like him enough take on the three years and roughly $6.3 million left on his rookie deal? Do they like him enough to pony up the second-round pick?

I think they would rather not part with that 37th pick, but it isn’t completely out of the question.

It also sounds like all of this might end up being moot if reports out of Washington are correct.

NBC Sports Washington says Rosen is “perfect” for the Redskins and declares that Washington is now the front-runner for Rosen. If, course, Arizona decided to deal him.

Here is what a Washington offer for Rosen might look like:

For months, sources inside Redskins Park have been clear that their first-round pick is not involved in a possible offer for Rosen. But don’t rule out a package of picks spread out over two seasons, like a 2019 second-rounder and a 2020 third-rounder and an additional late round pick in either season.

Would the Giants be willing to match or exceed that offer? Time will tell.