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Giants news, 4/5: Drew Lock over Dwayne Haskins? Yes, that’s possible

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Let’s check your Friday headlines

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NCAA Football: Missouri Pro Day
Drew Lock throws at the Missouri Pro Day.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

NFL Draft 2019: Several teams, including Giants, reportedly may prefer Drew Lock over Dwayne Haskins | NFL | Sporting News

Via Peter Schrager of NFL Network on the ‘Rich Eisen Show:’

”There are few people in the league that I talk to that do quarterbacks, that I trust, and a lot of them are saying Lock over Haskins on some boards,” Schrager told the “Rich Eisen Show” on Wednesday. “And that might drive Ohio State fans crazy and that might be wrong when all is said and done, because all it takes is one team, but Lock quietly had a really good Senior Bowl, had an OK Combine but was awesome in the meetings with teams and then blew everyone away at his pro day. Haskins has done well, but he hasn’t stolen that, ‘Hey, I’m the No. 2 hands-down guy.’

”Lock started for 3 1/2 years, played four years at Missouri, has seen all sorts of offenses and if you look at what the Giants have drafted historically, it’s sure things. Dave Gettleman doesn’t like to roll on a thing that he isn’t sure on. This guy has a body of work, has the body type and I actually think Lock might fit the Giants more than Haskins who started one year in college and is still a bit of a prospect.”

Valentine’s View: I have been saying for a while that I believe there is no quarterback consensus as of yet among Giants’ decision makers. Haskins, Lock and — yes — Daniel Jones of Duke all have varying degrees of support within the building. So, too, does the idea of trading for Josh Rosen. For good measure, toss in the idea of punting quarterback entirely into 2020. What idea will win? We will know in three weeks.

What Does the NFL’s Changing Pass-Rusher Value Mean for the 2019 Draft? - The Ringer

The Patriots have long built their edge-rushing group around versatile players on cheap contracts. This spring, the Chiefs followed suit. Will other teams catch on to this strategy? And if they do, how will that affect one of strongest pass-rushing draft classes in recent memory?

The idea of valuing players who can cover over pass rushers is one our Dan Pizzuta endorsed back in January.

Detroit Lions GM open to trading down in first round -

”It’s the best way to build your roster the right way,” [Lions GM Bob] Quinn said on the RapSheet and Friends podcast. “No. 8, I think there’s a number of players I’d like at that spot at this point.

”I always like draft picks, so if we can move back a couple spots and pick up another pick, I think the depth of this draft from the late first to the third, there’s a lot of really good players in there. If I could move back a few spots, add a great player and a pick, that’d be something that would be great. People out there listening, I’m open for business.”

Would the Lions being “open for business” affect the Giants? Maybe. Could the Giants move — up or down — to No. 8? Again, maybe. That probably depends on how the board falls over the first five picks and who the Giants really want in the top 10.

Josh Rosen deserves a second chance to make a first impression

Doug Farrar writes:

Should the Cardinals hang onto Rosen and take another position with the first overall pick? I’m not sure about that. Based on my evaluation, I think Murray is a very special quarterback, and I’d take him over Rosen 10 times out of 10—I believe his physical tools and on-field acumen show a higher level of NFL potential. But that’s not to say that Josh Rosen is a bust. He isn’t. He’s not a Ryan Leaf or Jamarcus Russell, no matter what the stats show. And he won’t need as much of a schematic buttress as [Jared] Goff did in order to succeed.

Josh Rosen is a good quarterback who survived a very bad situation, and actually showed marked improvement throughout his rookie season despite it. That alone should have other quarterback-needy teams lining up to see what it would take to pry him loose.

In Thursday’s ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast, Matt Waldman of The Rookie Scouting Portfolio said the Giants would be making a “smart play” by trading their second-round pick (No. 37) for Rosen. Yours truly also agreed with Farrar’s assessment, stating basically that the 3-13 Cardinals were such a mess in 2018 that Rosen’s poor statistical season shouldn’t be held against him. Point is, if you’re judging whether or not Rosen can be a good player based on his rookie year with the Cardinals that’s a mistake.

AAF suspending operations: Players who could land in NFL |

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