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Podcast: Will Grier the answer to Giants’ QB dilemma? RSP’s Matt Waldman says yes

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Here’s an idea we haven’t talked about very much

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Will Grier
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The 2019 NFL Draft would be a home run for the New York Giants if they can come out of the first two rounds with a pair of impact players at some combination of defense/right tackle/receiver AND get a potential franchise quarterback in the process.

Appearing on the ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast, Matt Waldman of The Rookie Scouting Portfolio offered his suggestion on how the Giants can pull that off.

Waldman is touting West Virginia’s Will Grier, who is actually QB1 on Waldman’s big board and could likely be had early in Round 2 or by trading into the latter part of Round 1 to select him.

“He’s being talked about as a second-round pick right now but may rise into the late first. If you’re at 37 [which the Giants are] you can use that ammunition to trade back into the late first if you like this guy, and he reminds me a lot of Tony Romo,” Waldman said.

“There’s not a lot but there are some significant names in the second round who have been good quarterbacks, like Drew Brees. Will Grier is that player. I think Will Grier is an underrated quarterback who is creative, he’s intuitive and he’s accurate.”

The Giants have the 37th pick and also possess eight Day 3 selections they can use to entice teams to make deals.

“I think that if you can get him [Grier] in the early second round you’ve won when it comes to this quarterback class,” said Waldman, who has Grier ranked more highly than Kyler Murray or Dwayne Haskins.“He’s actually the top quarterback on my board.

Here is more on what Waldman likes about Grier:

“He’s a very aggressive downfield passer who also can win on the move. He can extend plays, he can make off-script throws, he can throw receivers open with pressure bearing down on him. Now, he’s not Patrick Mahomes in that quality — but he’s good.”

Waldman also said Grier is “a smart quarterback who plays with a lot of guts” and that he has a “better arm than what’s described of him.”

More from Waldman

  • Haskins and Drew Lock would not be good “value” at No. 6 in the draft. “I don’t think it’s value to get those guys,” he said. “I think you can get a better prospect later, maybe prospects plural.”
  • Because of his mobility concerns “Haskins may not be a great match” for the Giants right now.
  • Waldman “absolutely” thinks the Giants can still succeed with Eli Manning at quarterback. “You know what he can do and if you give him the environment to do it in he’s going to be fine, and it could actually end up being great.”
  • Drew Lock “doesn’t have the discipline of footwork, doesn’t have the discipline of tempo, or his arm slots to make the decisions he should make. He’s a guy that has the talent and if he were applying it correctly he would be a top five pick. The problem is when you watch his game he’s wildly inconsistent.”
  • Trading a second-round pick for Josh Rosen would be “a smart play.” Waldman called Rosen “the most technically sound quarterback available in any recent draft.”
  • Daniel Jones embodies the “old-school approach” to evaluating quarterbacks.
  • Brett Rypien of Boise State “has the best footwork in this class” and is a guy who could emerge as a starter despite probably being a Day 3 pick. Waldman says that at worse Rypien could develop into “a Case Keenum type of player.”

Give the full show a listen below.

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