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Giants news, 4/4: Evan Engram on Odell, Eli; Could Dwayne Haskins fall in draft?

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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Evan Engram on how Odell Beckham helped snap on-field 'funk' |

Engram had a number of interesting things to say during an interview with

On the trade of Odell Beckham Jr. ...

I wasn’t shocked. Obviously, there’s more opportunities for other guys with him leaving, and more guys are going to have to step up, including myself. But losing a talent like that, you don’t want to. He’s a fun guy to be around, and he’s helped me since Day 1.

On Beckham helping him last season ...

[Beckham] helped me a lot this past year. I was injury-riddled and had a bad game or two, and he could see the battle that was going on in my head. He related with something he went through in his second year. He had a couple drops, went through some adversity and wasn’t playing up to his expectations. He was there to let me know that I’m not the only person to go through something like this, who’s working as hard as I can and not getting results. He was able to relate to me, and when somebody like Odell makes something relatable, it definitely made me feel a lot better. I was able to get out of that little funk and get my confidence back, and I ended up having a good second half of the year.

On Eli Manning ...

[Fans and the media] just see Eli (Manning) make a bad read or Eli getting sacked. They don’t see that maybe there was a missed block here or a dropped ball there or a wrong route. One person’s success is a lot of times based off the man next to him. A lot of people don’t see that; they just see where their eyes are taking them. It’s easy to do that when you’re watching from your couch or if you’re at the game when everybody is flying around. I get it, but it’s the bigger picture.

One-hundred percent, [Eli has what it takes to elevate the offense]. Eli picks up every blitz. He knows who’s coming. We hold protection meetings. He still can throw the ball and drive the ball down the field and give us opportunities to go up and make plays. So, 100 percent, he still has it.

Todd McShay: Dwayne Haskins Could Fall In The NFL Draft

McShay and Mel Kiper both gave Haskins to the Giants at No. 6 in their dueling mock drafts this week. McShay, though, is hearing the same things everyone else is when it comes to the Giants and quarterback in the draft.

“If any of these quarterback are going to fall a little bit, it might be Haskins,” McShay said on Get Up! “It will be interesting to see. I keep hearing the Giants may not be in love with Haskins. I put him there because it’s kind of the only place in the top 10 I felt good about putting him. I do think, ultimately, he’ll wind up going somewhere in that range. But it may be a team moving up. The Giants could just pass on him and wind up taking Drew Lock a little bit later with that 17th pick.

“Haskins is the most interesting of the three (quarterbacks),” McShay said. “As you get closer, look at Lock. All of the teams are starting to say 46 games, Lock’s a veteran, been through a lot, the confidence. Haskins is only a one-year starter. I’m getting more and more information from teams that Haskins could wind up falling a little bit further than both Mel [Kiper Jr.] and I have him going at No. 6.”

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