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Giants news, 4/30: Gettleman offers more detail on draft

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Let’s check today’s headlines

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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Gettleman dishes on draft picks

As NFL general managers do following the draft, Dave Gettleman is making the media rounds. Monday he visited with Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan on Sirius XM NFL Radio. We know he spoke about Corey Ballentine and announced that the sixth-round pick will be at mini-camp this weekend after suffering a gunshot wound Sunday when his friend, Dwane Simmons, was killed.

Here are some of the other topics Gettleman addressed:

How much work he did on Daniel Jones ...

The GM wanted to clear up any misconception that the Senior Bowl game was his only exposure to Jones:

“I watched every game. I watched ’17 tape. I don’t do this for a hobby,” Gettleman said.

He did reiterate that seeing the Senior Bowl in person was the clincher:

“One thing I’ve been taught be Ernie [Accorsi] is you need to see quarterbacks live, see ‘em in the environment,” Gettleman said. “Those three series I watched. I loved him on film and that really is what convinced me.”

On 17th overall pick Dexter Lawrence ...

“You know me, I love my hog mollies and Dexter certainly can fill a doorway,” Gettleman said. “He’s really athletic for a kid that size. He’s powerful, he can flip his hips, he’s gonna give you pass rush push and he’s got enough speed to pressure the quarterback himself.”

On cornerback Deandre Baker, the 30th overall pick ...

“We feel we got the best cover guy in the draft,” Gettleman said. “He is a tough kid and he will tackle your butt. If you look at the best defenses in the league the back ends of those defense are very good tackling groups. And that’s what you need.”

On cornerback Julian Love ...

The Giants got Love in the fourth round, 108th overall. Gettleman said he was “pacing the floor” while waiting for the Giants’ turn, hoping Love would still be there.

“We were shocked he was there. We were thrilled, obviously. He was sticking out on our board like a sore thumb,” Gettleman said. “He’s a complete defensive back. He’s got all the movement. He’s got the ability to carry the vertical and he plays the nickel. And he tackles — there’s a crazy concept, tackling.”

Gettleman said Love could eventually play some free safety, but will likely begin his career competing for a role as a slot cornerback.

More headlines

NFL draft 2019: Jay Bilas has seen the Daniel Jones Giants are banking on | New York Post

ESPN analyst Jay Bilas and his son, Anthony, have known Jones since elementary school. Here is Anthony Bilas on what the Giants are getting in Jones:

“He’s an absolute warrior.

“He’s one of the toughest guys I’ve ever met. One of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. No matter what happens to him, he’s gonna bring 100 percent all the time. He’s someone that you want to be on your team, whether it’s in a backup role where he might start out, or a starter. He’s not gonna have off-the-field issues.

“Every one of his teammates is gonna love him.

“And he’s gonna give you 100 percent effort. And from a rookie, I think that’s really all you can ask for. Because there’s gonna be a learning curve, there’s gonna be struggles, there are gonna be ups and downs, but he’s gonna keep bouncing back after every hit, after every bad throw … he’s gonna get back up, and then, after the good throws, he’s gonna stay humble and move on to the next one.”

NFL draft: Mike Francesa blasts Giants for picking player who got shot

This was perhaps the most classless, clueless, uninformed rant Francesa has ever gone on.

Giants Draft: Daniel Jones is better than you think

Everyone has an opinion on the Giants’ rookie quarterback. Here is another one:

When I first started watching him in preparation for the draft, I did not expect to like him as a prospect. In fact, I expected to hate him.

That did not happen.

It did not take long for Jones to win me over. There were a few things about his game that I liked: He’s fearless in the pocket, he gets through his progressions in a hurry and his mechanics are (nearly) flawless. The guy can play football. He wasn’t worth a top-10 pick but he was surely a first-round prospect who might convince a team that he could be their franchise guy.

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