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Poll: Fans not giving Giants much chance of winning NFC East

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Eagles are overwhelming favorite

NFL: New York Giants at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Can the New York Giants win the NFC East in 2019? Well, of course they can. It’s just that they aren’t likely. At least that is the opinion of SB Nation ‘FanPulse’ voters from the four NFC East teams. Only four percent of voters from the four teams chose the Giants to win the division in our recent poll.

The Philadelphia Eagles (64 percent) were, not surprisingly, the overwhelming choice. The Dallas Cowboys got 30 percent of the votes and the Washington Redskins were last with three percent.

How did Giants fans vote? Eighteen percent picked the Giants to win the division, with 54 percent choosing the Eagles, 25 percent the Cowboys and three percent the Redskins.

Obviously, it is a long wait until September and these numbers will change based on the outcome of the draft and what happens during the rest of the offseason, training camp and the preseason.

That, though, is where we are right now.