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Mel Kiper, Todd McShay give Giants Dwayne Haskins in dueling mock drafts

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Who will Kiper and McShay pick for the Giants besides Dwayne Haskins?

2007 NFL Draft Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The 2019 NFL Draft is just 22 days away as I write this.

We are waiting to find out who the New York Giants actually draft, whether they will add a quarterback for the future, find a pass rusher, or add to another position we aren’t expecting. But while we are waiting we can look at potential scenarios and how team needs and tendencies could influence draft decisions. The best tool we have for that are mock drafts, but after a few months those get tedious and need some way to spice them up.

Wednesday morning, ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay released dueling two-round mock drafts (Insider content). So let’s see who they picked for the Giants, and who’s draft would be preferable.

Oh, and while we’re at it, we should probably have some appropriate music.

Round 1

6th Overall

Mel Kiper - Dwayne Haskins (QB, Ohio State)

I’m sticking with Haskins to the Giants, even though they have a gaping void in their edge rush. I wouldn’t be shocked if they didn’t take a quarterback in Round 1, though.

Todd McShay - Dwayne Haskins (QB, Ohio State)

This is a tough call, but you just have to think the Giants take a quarterback here. They do need pass-rushers, but I don’t see them opting for Montez Sweat or Rashan Gary over taking care of their No. 1 problem.

17th Overall

Mel Kiper - Clelin Ferrell (EDGE, Clemson)

I gave New York a quarterback at No. 6, which means it has to address its pass rush with its other first-round pick. Ferrell is a prototypical 4-3 defensive end.

Todd McShay - Christian Wilkins (DT, Clemson)

Big Blue undoubtedly needs edge guys, but that whole line is really in shambles. The versatile Wilkins would be a good start in rebuilding the unit.

Round 2

37th Overall

Mel Kiper - Cody Ford (OL, Oklahoma)

This could be the best-case scenario for the Giants, who can stick Ford at right tackle, where he would be a mauler in the running game.

Todd McShay - Rock Ya-Sin (CB, Temple)

Ya-Sin would likely start right away opposite Janoris Jenkins for an extremely shallow cornerback group.

Raptor’s Thoughts

We’ll just skip over the sixth overall pick. We have analyzed the selection of Haskins by the Giants ad nauseam. If they believe that he can be a franchise quarterback, it is the only pick that makes sense there. However, I WOULD like to congratulate McShay on coming out of the coma which he must have been in for last year’s draft. After all, that’s about the only way he could actually write this.

“I don’t see them opting for Montez Sweat or Rashan Gary over taking care of their No. 1 problem.”

They did exactly that last year in selecting a running back at second overall with the end of Eli Manning’s career looming.

But on to the 17th and 37th picks.

I would be in favor of selecting either of the Clemson players at 17. The Giants need help at every position on their defense, and both Ferrell and Wilkins are talented players. As it stands, the defensive line is in a bit better position than EDGE with B.J. Hill and Dalvin Tomlinson, but it would also probably be rash to count on Hill’s three-sack outburst against Chicago as a sign of things to come. The Giants are counting on a lot of hopes breaking their way on defense.

In the second round both mockers make good picks. Kiper undersells getting Ford at 37th overall when he says it is a “best case scenario.” If anything it is likely unrealistically optimistic for him to be available there — but nobody thought Will Hernandez would slide out of the first round last year, so there is precedent.

Rock Ya-Sin is much more realistic and a good pick. Ya-Sin was the best corner on the property at the Senior Bowl and would bring a steady, dependable, and physical presence to the Giants’ secondary. The Giants already have Sam Beal, but he is unproven and coming off a season-ending injury — and it is unlikely that Jenkins remains a Giant past this season anyway.

Winner: Over all, I would definitely prefer Kiper’s draft. Both would be good hauls, but the fact that Kiper came away with a player who should be a top-32 (and more likely top-20) pick in the second round is too good to pass on, even if it is unrealistic.