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Dave Gettleman continues to defend selection of Daniel Jones at No. 6

Gettleman “agonized” over passing on Josh Allen

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

“In three years we’ll find out how crazy I am.”

That was New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman, talking exclusively to Peter King, about his decision to draft Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

And that is exactly the point. Gettleman won’t know if he was right until we see what kind of quarterback Jones develops into. What kind of quarterback Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock, Sam Darnold or any of the other young guys the Giants didn’t select the past two years turn into. We won’t know until we’re down the road a ways, the Giants are Jones’ team and we know whether or not he is leading a good team or a bad one.

Everyone can argue — civilly, I would hope — about whether or not the Giants did the right thing. All I know for certain is that quarterback is the most important position in football and if you have a good one you have a much better chance of having a good team.

Last Thursday, Gettleman took the swing at finding a quarterback of the future that the fan base has been begging for for some time now.

Today, we have no idea if he chose the right guy. In time, the results will reveal the answer. Until then, everything else is just noise.

Gettleman also went a little deeper with King in explaining his decision to pass on Kentucky edge rusher Josh Allen than he had with New York media over the weekend.

“I agonized over that,” Gettleman said from his office in New Jersey. “I agonized. Before the draft, we discussed that thoroughly as a group—first last Friday, then again Wednesday. Obviously we had great regard for Josh Allen. But the one thing I have learned is you don’t fool around with a quarterback. If he’s your guy, you take him. If you put 32 general managers in a room and gave ‘em sodium pentathol [truth serum], every single one of them would tell you a story of how they got cute in a draft and it cost them a player they wanted. So you don’t get cute there. You don’t get cute with a quarterback.”

This is why I wrote Sunday that Gettleman made the right decision. Whether other teams would have taken Jones before the Giants’ pick at 17 isn’t the point. I’m also not saying I’m sure the Giants’ evaluation of Jones is correct. I don’t know and I refuse to try and substitute my evaluation for that of people who have made a living evaluating talent and building rosters for 30 years or more. We’ll find out.

Where I agree with Gettleman is that quarterback is the most important and most impactful position on a football team. When you are convinced you have found the right guy you do what you have to in order to make sure you get him.

Eli 2.0

Jones is often referred to as ‘Eli Manning 2.0.’ For what it’s worth, go look at the side-by-side photos and the accompanying background chart comparing Manning and Jones. Eerie. Really eerie.

By the way, I’m asking the following question of those of you who really hate the idea of Jones as a Giant. What would really be so awful if Jones actually did turn out to be Manning 2.0? Two Super Bowl titles, 15 healthy seasons where he plays every week, more good football than bad. A borderline Hall of Fame career.

I think any Giants fan would sign up for that.