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“Big George” makes a big impression in first day as a Giant

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Asafo-Adjei introduces himself

George Asafo-Adjei
Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

George Asafo-Adjei, the Kentucky right tackle the New York Giants selected in Round 7 (232nd overall) wasted no time on Saturday endearing himself to the fan base.

“Hell, yeah”

How can you not love Asafo-Adjei’s reaction when he got the “we’re drafting you” phone call from the Giants? Just listen to the young man nicknamed “Big George.”

Asafo-Adjei continued to express excitement when he spoke with New York media via conference call:

“Oh my gosh, I feel like the luckiest man in the world,” he said.

“She gets to see her boy make it.”

Asafo-Adjei spoke passionately on Saturday about his mother.

“My mom works hard, she has worked hard since I was born. She has been working 3 jobs, literally 3 jobs every day. She probably gets 4 hours of sleep every day, we went through some rough patches in life, but we overcame thanks to God. He’s taken me out of that situation, and he has taken our family out of that situation,” Asafo-Adjei said. “I’m happy for our blessings. I don’t have a father in my life, that’s been much harder as well. I thank God, God is good and he answers prayers.”

Asafo-Adjei sounded like a son just trying to make his mom proud.

“She was screaming, going crazy [when he was drafted],” Asafo-Adjei said. “I’m happy for her, she gets to see her boy make it.

“I’ve worked really hard for this. I’m going in there not to just goof around, but I’m going in there to take a job, I’m going in there to make a name for myself. I truly believe I’m a dog. I can’t wait for you guys to see that.”

Born in the Bronx

Asafo-Adjei was born in the Bronx and moved to Cincinnati, Oh. during his childhood. He says, though, that he’s “from Ghana.” He told reporters he has a sister from Ghana who he didn’t meet until he was 14, and that his mission — outside of football — is to help the poor.

“I want to give back to any poor countries and any poor communities around here. It’s eye opening to see those people don’t have anything, but they are the happiest people in the world,” Asafo-Adjei said. “Anyone can take something from that, just seeing them struggle I want to give back to them so bad.”

Good practice competition

The Giants did not select edge rusher Josh Allen in Round 1. In selecting Asafo-Adjei, they did take the guy who blocked him in practice every day for the past few seasons.

“We both sharpened each other honestly,” Asafo-Adjei said. “He had troubles going against me, I’m a speed guy I’m good with the pass rush. He’s a great edge rusher, I gave him problems, we both helped each other. You saw it in the outcome of the season and the outcome of our play.”