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David Cutcliffe guarantees “a Super Bowl opportunity at some point” for Daniel Jones

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The QB guru provides insight about the Giants new passer

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Duke Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback whisperer and current Duke head coach David Cutcliffe helped develop another top 10 pick, but this time it was not a Manning.

Before the Giants even selected Daniel Jones sixth overall in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft on Thursday, a lot of analysts connected Jones to New York because of the relationship between Cutcliffe and the Mannings. Cutcliffe coached both Peyton and Eli Manning.

Cutcliffe traveled with Jones to Nashville for the draft and witnessed the moment Jones got the call that changed his life.

“I was sitting to the right of him and I saw him take the phone,” Cutcliffe said in a video posted on the Duke University football web site. “I saw the tears and that tells you everything about Daniel.”

After coaching him for multiple seasons, Cutcliffe is very familiar with Jones’ work ethic, personality, and demeanor. For that reason, he believes Jones earned the opportunity.

“Yes he’s gifted. He’s exceptional in so many ways,” Cutcliffe said. “You love it when it happens to really good people that have worked really hard.”

Here’s what else Cutcliffe had to say about the Giants’ new young quarterback.

On dealing with playing in New York ...

“There will always be naysayers, and I told him get used to that, you’re headed to New York. But he’s going to have a great career.”

On Eli Manning’s reaction to the pick ...

“I’ve already texted Pat Shurmur and wished him good luck. I talked to Eli and Eli is excited.”

On Jones’ impact on the future of Duke’s football program ...

“When you have the sixth pick and you have a quarterback go to the New York Giants, one of the storied programs in the National Football League, I think it puts us in a place where people hadn’t thought of us before.”

On what Giants fans are getting with Daniel Jones ...

“A Super Bowl opportunity at some point.”