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Big Blue View mailbag: Draft day edition

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Let’s answer a few last-minute questions

There are still, as I type this, a few hours before the 2019 NFL Draft gets underway. I have received a few stray questions for the BBV Mailbag that won’t be valid post-draft, so to kill some time let’s do an abbreviated mailbag.

Billy McAdams asks: What will happen if Dave Gettleman does a terrible job in this draft? He seems to be pretty cocky with his latest comments. Please don’t tell me look at last years draft ... Anyone with half a brain would have grabbed Barkley, and Hernandez ... so far this year he has made a lot of people scratching there heads ... well to the point where people who had hair don’t anymore ... my goodness Collins , OBJ ????? Anyway if he flops will he keep his job?

Ed says: Bill, I sympathize about the hair. If you’re like me, at least no matter what happens tonight you don’t have hair to pull out.

Anyway, listen Gettleman’s job is not on the line tonight. I know we all rush to judgment, and we will, but the general rule of thumb is that it takes three seasons to really know how good a draft class is. So, how will we really know immediately how good of a job Gettleman does, or doesn’t do?

I have written multiple times that this is a critical draft for the Giants. Despite Gettleman telling me he does not feel any added pressure, he understands the opportunity he has here. He created it by stocking up with 12 draft picks, two in the first round. He knows he needs to find some difference-making talent, and he knows he needs to be right no matter what he decided to do about quarterback.

John Mara isn’t going to wake up Monday after the draft, decide he didn’t like what Gettleman did, and fire him. To be honest, I have always figured that Gettleman and Pat Shurmur would be given at least three seasons to get the Giants straightened out. As of now, I don’t see any reason to change that viewpoint.

Seth Weissman asks: Why do you think so many people are saying that the Giants must draft a QB this year or Gettleman will have failed as a GM? I have not heard anything about the Chargers or the Steelers needing to draft a QB. Do people think Eli has regressed so much more than Rivers or Roethlisberger that the Giants are doomed to fail while the other franchises will be just fine? It doesn’t quite make sense to me.

Ed says: Seth, I think that is a two-fold answer. I think Giants fans are tired of the losing, having missed the playoffs six of seven seasons. I think quarterbacks always get too much blame, and there have always been people who didn’t believe in Eli Manning even when he was winning Super Bowl MVPs. Something new sounds good, it changes the narrative, it would give down-trodden fans something to be hopeful about.

All of that said, if the Giants don’t love a guy in this class and they do love one or two in the 2020 class — something I think is absolutely possible — then you wait. Remember, rookie quarterbacks drafted in the first round are often getting on the field in their first seasons. So, the whole “Kansas City Model” isn’t a mandate.

Dan Nugent asks: Do you think Gettleman and the Giants have lost all faith in Kyle Lauletta over his arrest and being late to practice? Also where do you thing Lauletta would rank in comparison to this years draft class? If he was in it this year, would the Giants still take him in the 4th round?

Ed says: No, Dan, I don’t think the Giants have lost “all” faith in Lauletta. If that was the case they would have cut him. That said, I do think Lauletta’s rookie season wasn’t ideal. Gettleman has said a number of times that being the quarterback for the Giants is about more than physical skills, and Lauletta’s arrest and the possibility that it might not have been an isolated incident makes you wonder if he is a guy you can hand the keys to your franchise.

As for where Lauletta would fit in this draft class, I really don’t know. I would anticipate he would still be a Day 3 selection.