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How about this for a Giants-Cardinals blockbuster trade?

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Patrick Peterson and Josh Rosen to Giants in exchange for a passel of draft picks

NFL: Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We are deep in the heart of the silliest part of the NFL’s silly season with less than seven hours (as of this writing) remaining until the 2019 NFL Draft opens.

We are likely about eight hours away from the New York Giants making their first selection of the draft. But rather than diving back into the “will they or won’t they?” of the draft prospects, let’s take some time out for some truly wild draft speculation.

Could the Giants trade for Arizona Cardinals All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson? And quarterback Josh Rosen? In one big, crazy trade?

Giants’ cornerback Janoris Jenkins is already campaigning to try and make the Peterson move happen.

As much heat as the Giants’ seven took for their lack of a pass rush last year, as our own Dan Pizzuta has pointed out, the Giants’ depleted secondary played a big role in their defensive failures. Adding a player like Peterson would be an immediate infusion of talent, and talent that already knows James Bettcher and has played well under him. It’s worth noting that most of the Giants’ defensive additions over the last year or so have been former Cardinals with whom Bettcher is familiar.

Oh, and the Giants did just free up $5 million in cap space this year by restructuring Kevin Zeitler’s contract.

Adding another layer of fatigue is this from Charles Robinson from Yahoo! news:

But wait, weren’t the Giants going to trade for QB Josh Rosen? Well, Giants’ great Carl Banks has a way for the Giants to get both players.

Earlier Thursday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said that the only two teams the Cardinals have had real talks with about Rosen have been the Miami Dolphins and the Giants. Schefter added that the Cardinals and Dolphins haven’t talked “in a couple days,” but inferred that the Giants and Cardinals have been in more recent contact, saying that the Giants “are waiting to see where and how the draft falls.”

Dave Gettleman as much as said that he will not be making 12 selections over the next three days and that he will be making trades. He also said “No guts, no glory” with respect to finding the Giants’ next franchise quarterback. Trading for Josh Rosen and Patrick Peterson would certainly be a gutsy move.

Would you have the guts to make the deal Carl Banks proposed?


Would you trade #17, #37, and a 2020 second round pick for Patrick Peterson and Josh Rosen?

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