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Giants news, 4/25: Daniel Jones at center of draft rumor mill

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Let’s check the headlines as Draft Day begins

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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

It is Draft Day, so we begin with some 2019 NFL Draft rumors that could impact the Giants.

Why Chris Simms doesn’t think Giants should waste first-rounder on Daniel Jones | SNY

Increasingly, the belief is that the Giants are targeting Jones.

”I’m going to be honest with you: Daniel Jones, for my money, is not worth a top 10 pick,” Simms said. “I don’t really know if Daniel Jones is really a first-round quarterback. As far as where I ranked him at the quarterback position, I believe I made him the sixth-best quarterback in the NFL Draft this year. So I have issues with that, but it doesn’t matter what I think.”

Simms obviously acknowledges the fact that it isn’t up to him, but the Giants brass to make the call on Jones being their potential quarterback of the future. If that is the case, though, he advises Big Blue to take Jones with their first pick at No. 6.

”The Giants seem to think he is the guy for their future. And if he is their guy for the future, then you make that move and draft him at No. 6. You don’t roll the dice and wait until 17.”

When should the Giants target Daniel Jones? – ProFootballTalk

... if the Giants believe that Jones will be their franchise quarterback for the next decade or longer, they should just take him with the sixth overall pick — and they should consider being ready to spring to No. 5 if they sense that someone who wants Jones may try to trade up with Tampa Bay. Any other approach puts the Giants in pennywise and pound-foolish territory as they fret over angling for a victory during a short-term battle and put at risk the longer-term war.

This is the prevailing belief. If you have a guy you want as your quarterback, don’t mess around. Just take him.

2019 NFL draft: Giants running out of Eli teaching moments

If Washington wants to trade up, it likely comes from the top – ProFootballTalk

Has owner Dan Snyder taken control of the Redskins’ draft room?

NFL Draft 2019: You’ll never believe what Giants GM Dave Gettleman brought out to impress Missouri QB Drew Lock during ‘awesome’ visit -

Gettleman busted out his Super Bowl rings.

2019 NFL draft reset - Kiper and McShay answer last-minute questions

Safest pick? Hottest names in the class? Top sleeper picks? Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay preview the draft.

Josh Allen wouldn't mind staying home to play for Giants or Jets

Allen is a New Jersey native, and the draft’s premier edge rusher.

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