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NFL Draft rumor tracker: Cutliffe says Daniel Jones will be a star, Giants “crazed” for pass rusher, more

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The draft is just two days away

With the 2019 NFL Draft just a couple of days away let’s check in on some of the stories that might impact the New York Giants.

2019 NFL draft: Quarterback Daniel Jones is perfect fit for Giants | NY Post

Duke coach David Cutcliffe has no doubt Daniel Jones will be a star quarterback in the NFL, and his advice to Giants GM Dave Gettleman would be simple — draft him and don’t look back.

“I would say, ‘Dave, I don’t think there’s a gamble,’” Cutcliffe told The Post. “He’s gonna do the things it takes to get it done. He’s what everybody is looking for. It’s hard to know that, in their shoes.

“But if you ask me directly, that’s what I would tell him. And have no fear of the answer. I’m not gonna say something just ’cause he played for us. My name is associated with it as well. I’ve told guys before that ‘This isn’t the guy that’s gonna get the job done.’

“But this one?

‘You’re gonna be glad you took him.’”

Whether you agree with Cutcliffe or not, there is a pretty good chance the Giants are going to take that advice on Thursday night.

Jonah Williams' unique preparation could make him the NFL draft's top tackle | ESPN

This is an excellent look at a “football addict” who could be on the Giants’ radar with one of their two first-round picks.

What's the Story with Montez Sweat? | Bleacher Report

Montez Sweat might be selected by the Giants at No. 6. Or, he might take a draft day tumble. His is a convoluted evaluation with a number of factirs.

Giants Rumors: Gettleman 'Crazed' About Drafting Pass-Rusher, Deal with QB Later | Bleacher Report

"Dave Gettleman is crazed about getting a pass-rusher with this sixth pick, and they'll deal with the quarterback later," ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said on Monday's Get Up!, reporting what a general manager told him.

Is McShay right? It’s no secret Gettleman loves Hog Mollies and both wants and needs to add defenders in this draft class. Does he like a quarterback enough to pass on a top tier defensive player?

NFL draft looks deep in pass rushers -

Earlier Than We Think? | Draft Analyst