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Giants news, 4/23: Eli Manning better than ever? Plus, more on the draft

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Let’s check your Tuesday headlines

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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

David Morris, founder of QB Country, isn’t completely neutral when it comes to Eli Manning. Morris was his backup and roommate at Ole Miss. Still, Manning appears to throw and move well in this clip from Morris.

NFL Draft 2019: Predicting the five biggest surprises, including whether the Raiders take a quarterback -

If the Giants don't draft a QB in the first round, perhaps a trade materializes | Newsday

Dalton Risner has connection with Nate Solder, and there's a chance they could be Giants teammates later this week | Newsday

Drafting a quarterback will prove Dave Gettleman has Giants plan

Mark Cannizzarro is probably not alone in this viewpoint:

I don’t profess to know whether Gettleman will be better off using the sixth-overall pick Thursday night to get his next quarterback or the 17th-overall pick to do so. No one really knows.

What everyone does know is that quarterbacks are overvalued in every draft because there are so few competent ones out there.

Listening to Gettleman, it sure sounds as if it’s not likely the Giants are going to take a quarterback at No. 6 because they probably value other players — who can potentially help their porous defense immediately — higher.

I don’t know whether Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins is a better prospect than Duke’s Daniel Jones or Missouri’s Drew Lock.

I don’t know if trading for Arizona’s Josh Rosen — after the Cardinals do what everyone expects them to do and draft Kyler Murray with the No. 1-overall pick — is the answer.

What I do know is Gettleman has to get this right to back up all of his brash talk about his plan.

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