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2019 Big Blue Draft-A-Thon: Day one results

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How did Big Blue View do on the first day of our Draft-A-Thon?

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The first day of the 2019 Big Blue View Draft-A-Thon is in the books and so far the Big Blue View community has done some solid work.

In the first round the New York Giants came away with help on both the offensive and defensive lines with Ed Oliver (iDL, Houston) and Jonah Williams (OT, Alabama) at sixth and 17th overall, respectively.

Oliver swill slot in right away as a defensive end in base personnel packages and a 3-technique defensive tackle in nickel packages. He has uncommon athleticism and movement skills to go with impressive power for a smaller lineman and should be an immediate boost to the Giants’ pass rush now that he is freed from playing nose tackle. The upside with Oliver is tremendous as he should only get better with coaching as he learns to use his hands, be more aware of the play, and finish his rushes.

Williams is an immediate starter at right tackle, with the potential to allow the Giants to move on from Nate Solder if they so choose after 2019. He is a bit undersized from what NFL teams usually prefer for offensive tackles, but makes up for it with great technique, leverage, and functional play strength. He is an accomplished pass protector as well as run blocker at both right and left tackle positions.

In the second round the BBV selected Missouri QB Drew Lock for the Giants, hopefully solving their quarterback question in the long term. Lock is an experienced passer, but has been inaccurate throughout his college career. The Giants will hope that a year of being coached while sitting behind Eli Manning will help to harness his physical tools, which are impressive.

In the third round, BBV was faced with some uninspiring choices. If the draft rules allowed, a reach or a trade down probably would have been preferable to selecting one of the players inside the list of the ten best players available. But without reaching or trading on the table, the BBV community selected Ben Powers (OG, Oklahoma). Mississippi tight end Dawson Knox was ahead for most of the polling period, but Powers closed and passed him with about fifteen minutes to go and finished with 200 votes to Knox’s 184.

Powers would start his Giants’ career as a depth player, but the powerful guard could give the Giants the option to move on from Kevin Zeitler’s hefty contract following the 2019 season, getting the Giants $22 million in cap savings over the 2020 and 2021 seasons with no dead money.

Giants’ Draft So Far

6) Ed Oliver (iDL, Houston)
17) Jonah Williams (OT, Alabama)
37) Drew Lock (QB, Missouri)
95) Ben Powers (OG, Oklahoma)

The Draft-A-Thon will be back at 9am Tuesday morning for the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds. Because the Giants have 8 selections across those rounds, each pick will only get 45 minutes to be made.