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Big Blue View mailbag: Pre-draft edition includes questions on Will Grier, Trace McSorley, more

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The mail’s here!

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Trace McSorley
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This is the final Saturday before the 2019 NFL Draft. With that in mind, let’s open up a pre-draft Big Blue View mailbag and see if we can answer some last-minute New York Giants-related questions.

Josh asks: If the Giants chose a QB I feel I would be happy with any besides Jones. My question is who do you like better in the “tier 2” Jones or Grier. I ask because outside of the Senior Bowl I cannot figure out why Jones is projected higher than Grier.

Ed says: I’m going to say Will Grier, and it’s not because I like him better than Daniel Jones. It’s simply this — like it or not, Daniel Jones of Duke is a Tier 1 quarterback. Outside draft analysts may not like him, but if you read the work of Gil Brandt, Charlie Casserly, Daniel Jeremiah and others who have been or currently are inside the NFL it is obvious that veteran personnel men in the league do.

I’m not saying it will happen because I don’t think it will be the case, but I’m not going to be completely flabbergasted if the Giants take Jones as early as No. 6. There is, in fact, more and more chatter that the Giants may have Jones at the top of their quarterback board.

You want a Tier 2 name to watch? How about Ryan Finley of North Carolina State? More and more I see him connected to teams in Round 2 of the draft.

Ridge Kennedy asks: What do think about [this]. If the Giants don’t go for a QB early and are looking for a prospect to push Lauletta, they draft Trace McSorley? He’s a leader, a winner and Saquon loves him. He maybe even makes the team as a change-up QB and “other” role player.

Ed says: Ridge, you might be on to something there. Saquon Barkley loves McSorley and I had a source tell me he’s been banging the drum for the Giants to bring him in. The Giants did work McSorley out at their local pro day. I don’t know if McSorley can be an NFL quarterback, but using a sixth- or seventh-round pick on him — or signing him as an undrafted free agent — shouldn’t be considered out of the question.

Jesse Sorel asks: Where would you rank Kyler Murray on the Giants draft board? If he fell to 6 would they draft him over an elite defensive player like White, Sweat, or Williams? What’s your opinion on what the Giants should do if Murray fell to 6?

Ed says: Quite honestly, I’m not sure he’s even on the Giants draft board. I just think they might look at it and not even stack Murray on their board because they believe he won’t be available to them. If he is on their board I just can’t see Dave Gettleman — a traditionalist who has always valued size — staking his legacy and the future of the franchise on a small guy like Murray.

James C. asks: The biggest surprise and disappointment for me would be if the Giants do not draft a OT with one of their first three picks. What would your biggest surprise and/or disappointment be with the first three picks?

Ed says: That’s an easy one, James. Thanks for the softball! Dave Gettleman has said again and again and again that the defense was the reason the Giants didn’t win more games last year. He has said repeatedly that the Giants need more defensive playmakers. He might be hiding his intention at quarterback, but he isn’t hiding that belief.

I will be absolutely shocked if at least one — if not more — of the first three picks is used to try and find difference-makers on defense. The Giants absolutely need to come out of this draft with at least one front seven difference maker on that side of the ball.

Anthony Del Genio asks: I tried The Draft Network’s mock draft tool that you spoke about the other day (what fun!). I used TDN’s Predictive Board setting and only made picks for the Giants, through round 3. I wound up with Josh Allen at 6, Jonah Williams at 17, Kelvin Harmon at 37, and then Will Grier at 95. I realize the available players change from one try to the next, but (a) am I crazy, or would that be a terrific draft for the Giants, and (b) Will Grier is available at 95 almost every time I try. Why hasn’t he gotten more attention given some of the good things I’ve read about him in BBV in the past week?

Ed says: Grier has actually gotten a lot of attention and I don’t think it’s beyond the real of possibility that someone like the New England Patriots takes a flier on him at the end of Round 1.

As for your draft, I think the Giants would take those first three picks and be happy any day of the week. Simulated mock drafts are weird. You are working with a board that could simply be one person’s opinion, and it probably isn’t structured the same way NFL teams actually set their boards. Plus, you are using artificial intelligence to come up with picks other than your own. I always tell people — and, of course, they don’t listen — to use mocks as scenarios and for educating themselves about players and possibilities instead of getting caught up arguing that a certain pick was “wrong.” They are mock drafts. They aren’t real. Why does anyone really care about them, anyway?