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Josh Rosen rumor tracker: Rosen dealt to Miami Dolphins

Last year’s 10th overall pick has a new home

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Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals
Josh Rosen
Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Josh Rosen is a Miami Dolphin, having been dealt on Friday night by the Arizona Cardinals.

April 26

Josh Rosen traded to Miami - Barnwell explains why he could be a steal
Sure, the rookie season wasn't great. But the Dolphins didn't have to give up much for Rosen, and the risk is very low. Bill Barnwell breaks down the move.

April 25

Could Josh Rosen be the answer to “who will be the heir to Eli Manning’?

How about this for a Giants-Cardinals blockbuster trade? - Big Blue View

Patrick Peterson and Josh Rosen to Giants in exchange for a passel of draft picks? Carl Banks tossed out this idea, and we figured it would be fun to play around with. So, go vote in the poll.

April 20

Pete Prisco Says Arizona Will Not Draft Kyler Murray

Here is what Prisco said:

Initially, the ownership pushed for Kyler Murray. That much I know, I was told that. The reason they did is they are having a hard time selling tickets. Well, they put it out there. Arizona was lukewarm to it. All of a sudden, they are pulling back and from what I’ve been told, they are going to go in a different direction. They are not going to draft Kyler Murray.

The only thing I know about this situation is that I have been told there is a disagreement between the head coach, GM and ownership, each of which is backing a different player. If Murray doesn’t go No. 1 to Arizona, obviously Josh Rosen won’t be on the trade market.

April 10

Report: Redskins not pursuing trade for Cardinals’ Josh Rosen

Per Mike Garafolo of NFL Network:

“They have done a little bit of homework here, at least tried to figure out what the Cardinals’ price would be,” NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo said on the Around the NFL podcast. “But they’re not actively chasing him and I don’t know that they have a hard offer on the table because I know for a fact that they’re still going through the motions with the guys in the draft apparently.

”And they have made no firm decision about, ‘Are we going to draft a guy or are we going to go the Josh Rosen route or try to trade for someone?’ I just don’t sense it. ... I don’t really believe that it’s a sizzling market for Josh Rosen.”

April 8

Josh Rosen trade rumors: Would Giants give up 37th pick? Maybe not - Big Blue View
It looks like Giants would have to outbid Washington to get Rosen, and they might not be willing to do that

April 5

Is idea Giants are “not in love with Josh Rosen” correct? - Big Blue View

ESPN’s Jordan Ranaan says he doesn’t believe Giants will offer more than a third-round pick for the Arizona quarterback. Is he right? Is Washington now the front-runner for Rosen? Let’s discuss.

Rosen expected to report to Cardinals offseason program

April 4

What can the Cardinals get for Josh Rosen? Depends whom you ask | ESPN

Over the past month, reports have begun to circulate that there are teams interested in Rosen, the former first-round pick out of UCLA who is entering his second season. But the Cardinals haven’t officially made Rosen available.

What if they do? What would the Cardinals be able to get in exchange for Rosen?

Well, it all depends whom you ask.

Coaches and executives from seven teams told ESPN at the NFL owners meetings that Rosen is worth anywhere from a first- to a fifth-round pick. Arizona traded up from No. 15 in last year’s draft to draft Rosen No. 10 overall.

Valentine’s View: The answer to this question is really simple — the Cardinals can get whatever the team that wants Rosen the most is willing to pony up. That might be the Giants’ 37th overall pick. It might be Washington’s 15th pick. Shoot, it might be Cincinnati’s 11th overall pick.

This is why the Cardinals will wait, and why a trade isn’t likely to happen until the draft actually gets here. Maybe Arizona has an offer of a second-round pick already. Maybe that’s even from the Giants. We don’t know. I have had people tell me if it was their choice they wouldn’t trade Rosen until and unless someone put a first-round pick on the table. I have had others tell me Arizona won’t get more than a third-round pick.

The Cardinals will just wait and see who gets antsy and feels like they need the player — if Rosen is available at all.

April 2

Valentine’s View: Far be it for me to disagree with Chris Mortenson, but my Washington source has indicated that to this point the Redskins have not been in on Rosen. If they were to pursue him, though, it would make sense. Case Keenum is only a stop-gap solution.

April 1

Vacchiano: Rosen No. 1 option to replace Manning

Is he even available? The Giants weren’t sure as of last week, and the suspicion is that any move by the Cardinals to really shop Rosen won’t happen until closer to the draft. Until then, all everyone is left with are rumors that they’re taking Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray No. 1. If they do - and only if they do - they’ll deal Rosen. The Patriots and Chargers are reportedly interested too. It’s hard to believe the Giants’ third-round pick (95th overall) would be enough to get him, but their second-round pick (37th) could do it. That’s a steal for a franchise quarterback. And many people around the league think that A) he will be available at some point and B) the Giants could get him for that price.

Valentine’s View: I keep saying it, but if the 37th overall pick and perhaps one or two of the Giants’ late-round picks is the price tag, that’s the best-case scenario for the Giants. They get a first-round caliber quarterback many think is better than anyone in this draft class, and get to keep their two first-round picks.

Monday Morning Quarterback

Since we’re all waiting for the other shoe to drop with Josh Rosen, I figured I’d seek out informed opinion on the Cardinals quarterback’s rookie year. Here’s one personnel man, who works on the pro scouting side, answering whether what happened in 2018 was on the player or those around him:

“I think it was a mix of both. He’s definitely talented and, from a quarterbacking standpoint, he can do everything you need him to. He was hindered by the lack of weapons around him, the lack of protection he had. But when he started to get hit, you’d question his overall toughness. He started to look at the rush, you could tell he didn’t want to be hit anymore. Then what didn’t help was the change in coordinator, and that the next coordinator couldn’t put in his own offense because everything was on the fly. … Just a bad situation for a rookie quarterback. You definitely saw the good, in why they drafted him. No one questions the physical ability. It’s the mental part of it. He processes and learns it well, but people keep questioning toughness and leadership.”

For what it’s worth, this particular scout agreed that trading for Rosen, given the talent, would be a very worthy gamble for a team like New England or the Chargers, that has an older starter, and probably won’t be bad enough to draft an heir to the throne high any time soon.

Valentine’s View: Obviously, the perspective here has been that the Giants should be added to that list.

Peter King on whether the Cardinals will actually draft Kyler Murray:

Kyler and the Cards. From Bryce, of Meza, Ariz.: “A lot of verified people on Twitter have started saying they know 100 percent that the Cardinals are drafting Kyler Murray. Am I crazy for questioning these guarantees four weeks before the draft?”

No. You should question them, unless one of the verified accounts belongs to @SteveKeim. The Cards’ GM has the final call on the pick. I do not doubt that Arizona will pick Murray, but I doubt the final call has been made this morning, 24 days before the pick has to be brought to the stage in Nashville to start round one.

The Ringer: The Team That Makes Sense but Won’t Do It: The New York Giants

[Arizona GM Steve] Keim would certainly have his eyes on the no. 17 overall pick the Giants got in the Odell Beckham Jr. trade, but Gettleman is unlikely to swap a first-rounder for Rosen. The Giants have acknowledged they need to replace Eli Manning, but have not acknowledged they need to do so this year. Gettleman had the opportunity to draft Rosen or another quarterback at no. 2 last year but opted for running back Saquon Barkley instead. If the team didn’t see Rosen as a franchise QB then, they probably don’t see him as one now, and if they don’t see him as one now, the team probably won’t even part with its second-rounder (no. 37 overall). The Giants don’t have their third-round pick after using it in the supplemental draft last year, but they acquired Cleveland’s in the Beckham trade.

March 26

Is Josh Rosen better than any quarterback in the 2019 NFL Draft class? | Big Blue View

I put the question to a trio of highly-regarded draft analysts, and the unanimous opinion was that Rosen would be the No. 1 ranked quarterback in this class. Yes, above Murray — the guy who seems likely to usurp him in Arizona — and Dwayne Haskins.

  • Our own Mark Schofield told me he would “have him [Rosen] just over Murray and then Haskins.”
  • Scott Wright of Draft Countdown told me that Rose “would be No. 1 in this class.” For some perspective, Wright had Rosen No. 2 in last year’s class behind only Sam Darnold.
  • Dane Brugler of The Athletic would have Rosen “at the top based only on tape.” [Brugler’s complete QB rankings — subscription only]

[Full Story]

Giants discussing Josh Rosen as ‘rumors’ swirl around Cardinals’ plans | SNY

The Giants are planning to investigate every possible option when it comes to finding their Quarterback of the Future, and that includes a potential trade for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen.

But here’s the thing: At the moment they have no idea if Rosen is, or ever will be, available.