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Giants news, 4/19: Saquon Barkley still answering Sam Darnold questions

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“If a Rookie of the Year doesn’t sway that mindset, then I don’t know what will”

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Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Barkley still answering QB questions

Saquon Barkley had a historic rookie season and earned Offensive Rookie of the Year honors in 2018. Yet, Thursday he was still being asked about the idea some believe the Giants should have selected a quarterback second overall a year ago instead of taking him.

“I don’t care for their opinions or anything, I can’t change those opinions,” Barkley said. “Not being cocky or anything, but if a Rookie of the Year doesn’t sway that mindset, then I don’t know what will. My mindset is to continue to prove to the people in this locker room and in this building that they got the right guy. Not only the right guy because I can break off an 80-yard touchdown, because there are a lot of people in the league that can do that. But as a guy that can buy in and take that leadership role, I believe that I have been able to show that so far and I have been able to take that to a whole different level.”

Evan Engram: Opportunity for receivers

Tight end Evan Engram was asked on Thursday if the team had enough receiving talent with Odell Beckham Jr. no longer on the team.

“Definitely -- I think Odell is a one-of-a-kind talent. I think he’s the best receiver in the league, hands down, but we got guys ready to step up. We got guys ready that are here now that are going to come in here and make this team better,” Engram said. “The message to the locker room is for guys to prepare and get ready for the big opportunities that are going to come with him gone.”

Jabrill Peppers learned from his struggles

Giants safety Jabrill Peppers, a key acquisition in the Beckham trade, rebounded last season after a rough rookie year with the Cleveland Browns. He said he learned from the adversity of his rookie season.

“When you’re going through a lot of adversity, you definitely learn some things. I was on the back end of a lot of plays, and it taught me what not to do. Trust myself a lot more, be myself out there,” Peppers said. “My second year, they put me a little closer to the line – I also still played free (safety) a little bit – but I was definitely more aggressive, more in tune to the game and I think that’s what showed on tape.”

Lorenzo Carter not worried about pass rush

The Giants are expected to bolster their pass rush during the draft. Lorenzo Carter, an edge player drafted in the third round a year ago, isn’t worried about the lack of sacks from players on the current roster or the idea the Giants will add someone who plays his position.

“There were not a lot of NFL sacks out there and if we draft someone, that won’t increase the number of NFL sacks either. It doesn’t matter. I don’t think about stuff like that. I just think about how I can make myself and my team better,” Carter said. “Sacks are going to come. Sacks are the things that people over analyze and like to look at a lot. If we play the way we are suppose to play and work fast and hard, it is going to come. Everything will fall into place. I am not worried about trying to add sacks to the team. It will come.”

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