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7-round mock draft: ‘Invictus’ drops by with annual full mock

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Every pick, and explanations of selections for the Giants

Hello BBV! Been quite some time. I figured one way to contribute is to create a full seven-round mock draft. I selected every single pick. No mock draft generators. I’ve done this from year to year and it’s always a fun and very challenging experience. By about the fourth or fifth round, my knowledge of the prospects starts waning and I start going by various scouting reports rather than my own eyes, which is very dangerous.

In doing this exercise, I’m also creating it as my final mock draft and final projection. That means when the real thing comes around, I’m going to score myself. I added a twist this year, and I included trades. I think it’s necessary, especially when going for some semblance of realism. Will I be close? No. It’s fun to think about, though.

With all that being said, it’s important to reiterate that this is what I think WILL happen. This is not what I WANT to happen. The methodology behind taking on a project like this is also important. I spent:

1 day working on round 1

1 day working on round 2 and 3

1 day working on round 4 and 5

1 day working on round 6 and 7

When working on trades, I looked for advantageous trades for both teams. I included 2020 picks. I took into account team needs, player visits, team tendencies when creating this. I compared my personal rankings with crowd-sourced rankings from reputable sites. I also tried to take into account a lot of the rumors and smoke that is out there. Let me know what you think!

Giants’ picks

1-6) Montez Sweat, EDGE

I took Sweat because I think he has the greatest chance of being a New York Giants target. First, he’s an EDGE rusher and we have a glaring need there. There are a ton of rumors out there that the Giants will go with a pass rusher at 6. Sweat has production, which Gettleman wants. Sweat has length, as framed by a 6-foot-6, 260 lbs body with 34 inch arms. He has minor heart issue that he was cleared for. He was kicked out of Michigan St, which cannot be ignored but when it comes to position, length, athleticism, and production, he’s a perfect fit. He also crushed the Senior Bowl which the Giants pay a LOT of attention to.

1-17) Dexter Lawrence, DL

Gettleman made it clear that he likes big boys on the line. He traded away Damon ‘Snacks’ Harrison but the Giants run defense suffered greatly. Personally, I like Dexter Lawrence but don’t like him enough to take him with a top 20 pick. He’s a tank in the middle that can push the pocket. You will likely have to take him out on 3rd down but there are rumors out there that James Bettcher loves Lawrence. He’ll move Dalvin Tomlinson to 3T or 5T.

1-29) Daniel Jones, QB

I traded a 4th round pick and a 3rd round pick next year that could turn into a 2nd based on playing time (hey you have to overpay). Let me be clear, I am not a fan of Daniel Jones in the 1st round. I think he is a 2nd round prospect comparative to other prospects both this year and past years. He has tools, with a good arm and athleticism but he has serious flaws. Decision making with or without pressure is bad. He has poor deep ball accuracy. Mechanics break down more than you’d like on the move. He also hasn’t improved a tremendous amount from year 2 of starting till year 3. However, I think the Giants love him as a prospect. He’s been connected to them for months, so I found a way to get him. For the Chiefs, they drop 8 spots and gain two extra picks, one being a likely high 2nd round pick next year.

Round 3 — Kaleb McGary, OT

The Giants decided not to take the risk to nab one of the last starting caliber offensive tackle prospects. David Gettleman won’t be shy using the plethora of draft picks at his disposal to move up. Cincinnati will be motivated to get picks back after trading a few for Dwayne Haskins. McGary has short arms but he has great feet, a nasty disposition, and a good frame. A “hogmollie” so to speak. He held his own during the Senior Bowl as well and has met with the Giants.

Round 4 — Chase Hansen, LB

An LB that looks like a safety with good length at 6-foot-3, 230 lbs. Moves very well laterally and with a lot of burst. Reminds me of Shaq Thompson, who Gettleman drafted. Don’t believe he’s met with the Giants but he’s got the traits they look for. Would slot in and compete for that WILB spot. Also projects as a phenomenal special teamer.

Round 5 — Foster Moreau, TE

An underrated tight end that blew up the combine with his athleticism. These are the types of gems that go underdrafted and end up contributing. The Giants could see him as a more vertically dangerous Rhett Ellison and if Moreau can clean up some blocking technique, he could make Ellison a potential cap casualty.

Round 5 — Jimmy Moreland, CB

He has been getting a lot of looks by a lot of people. It’s no secret that the Giants’ CB depth chart is, well, questionable at best. The Giants were so intrigued by Moreland that they hosted the 5-foot-11 175 pound CB for a top 30 private visit. That’s interesting. He has some very good movement skills.

Round 2 — Myles Boykin, WR

When Gettleman drafts WRs, he drafts big WRs that have great body control. That is why I think a player like D.K. Metcalf or Hakeem Butler are dark horse prospects for #17 overall. Boykin is not polished enough to be a No. 1 WR, let alone try and make up for Odell Beckham Jr., however he can develop into a mismatch for the QB to target.

Round 7 — Saquan Hampton, S

A well rounded safety prospect with good instincts, limited range but someone that, if develops appropriately, can do well and even fight for a starting spot. Will definitely be a contributor to special teams.

Well, there you have it. This is the draft class that I think the Giants could end up with. We have 12 total picks but it is HIGHLY unlikely the Giants use all of them. I suspect several trade ups.

Is this the team that I would take? Nope. If the Giants kept all of their picks, I’d go with a team of (based on who is available):

1) Ed Oliver, DL
1) Jonah Williams, OL
2) Kelvin Harmon, WR
3) Isaiah Johnson, CB
4) Anthony Nelson, EDGE
4) Max Scharping, OT
5) Foster Moreau, TE
5) Khalil Hodge, LB
5) Austin Bryant, EDGE
6) Jamel Dean, CB
7) Emmanuel Butler, WR
7) Saquan Hampton, S

Which draft would you prefer?