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Nick Bosa might be the best EDGE in this draft, but he probably won’t be a Giant

Ohio State EDGE Nick Bosa might be an even better prospect than brother Joey was.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Texas Christian Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

What is going to happen at the top of the 2019 NFL Draft?

With the intrigue surrounding the quarterback position and differences in opinion on who is the top player in the draft and on how positional value will factor into the mix. The result is something of a crap-shoot when it comes to guessing which five prospects will be drafted in the first five selections.

It is almost universally assumed that Ohio State EDGE Nick Bosa will be one of the first three players selected in the 2019 NFL Draft, and certainly drafted in the top five. It is highly unlikely that the New York Giants will have the chance to draft him, but they should do their due diligence anyway.



  • Prototypical size and frame for an NFL EDGE
  • Exceptional technique and hand usage.
  • Good first step and change of direction.
  • Able to win with speed or power.
  • Diagnoses plays quickly and well.
  • Sets a good edge against the run.
  • Able to play from a two or three-point stance.
  • High-effort player.


  • Long speed is only average for the position.
  • Has a bit of hip tightness.

Prospect Video

What They’re Saying

“High-motor defensive end prospect possessing NFL play strength on a well-muscled, compact frame. Bosa uses forward lean, smart hands and impressive upper-body power to pry open edges against the run and pass. He can defeat single blocks and fits as an end in both 4-3 and 3-4 fronts with the ability to reduce inside as a rusher. His lack of fluidity in space could prevent him from becoming an elite rusher, but he understands how to play and should become an early starter and future Pro Bowler.”

- Lance Zierlein ( - Scouting Report)

Does He Fit The Giants?


Simple as that. Nick Bosa is one of those players who fits every scheme, and if he doesn’t fit a scheme, then it is a bad scheme and needs to be replaced.

Bosa plays on both sides of the defensive front, lining up in both two and three-point stances, as well as inside in certain sub-packages. He combines a good first step and very good lateral agility with excellent leverage and power throughout his body. On top of that, he has polished pro-ready hands and a variety of pass rush moves which allow him to beat blockers with speed, technique, or power.

Bosa doesn’t have great long speed and some tightness in his hips could limit how well he plays in space. But that being said, if a defensive coordinator is asking him to play in space more than once or twice a game to disguise a zone blitz, then their fitness to call the defense should be questioned.

So yes, Bosa fits the Giants’ defense, but it is highly unlikely that he will last anywhere near long enough for them to even consider drafting him.